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Jonathan Pryce as Saul unknown episodes
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Sheryl Lee as Bathsheba unknown episodes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by joshualieder9 / 10

Rousing, interesting, riveting portrayals

Attractive actors, realistic speech, The Words of David (on occasion) and good production values make this is an exceptional entertainment. If you know very little about David, this film helps bring his life into more into focus.

A flawed man who still found favor with God. I recommend this film for anyone interested in furthering their understanding of early Old Testament men/women.

I had forgotten David had so many "wives". I also found David's dancing in the front of the covenant very realistic. It was a dance of real joy in the film and not one of "madness" as some have suggested. I thought to myself watching this film....yes that makes more sense now.

The actor who played Absalom is quite good and his part of this David portrayal is riveting.

As a result of watching this film, I will seek out more of TNT's film series. Well Done!

Reviewed by kayaker366 / 10

A few solid performances surmount low-buck production.

David has been described as "the most winsome figure in the Bible" and in the dictionary "winsome" means charming. Unfortunately there is little charm in the stiff and mannered performance by Nathaniel Parker as the adult David. Nor is the Saul of Jonathan Pryce any better. Slight and balding, Pryce lacks the physical presence to make a convincing Saul--first king of Israel and a character as tragic as David was charming.

However, among a mainly British cast there are a few standouts. Most memorable are the portrayal of Absalom the rebellious son by young Rowan, the portrayals of Abner and Joab-- generals to Kings David and Saul--and in a small role, the actor who played adviser to Absalom in the very late sequences--and took his own life knowing that when his excellent advice went unheeded, it sealed his and Absalom's doom.

As Samuel, Prophet in Israel, a bearded and heavily made-up Leonard Nimoy seemed more an East European **rebbe** of the late 19th century, folksy and unpretentious, than a character of 3,000 years ago. Yet this contrasted nicely at times with the stagey manner of the other lead players. Sheryl Lee--more dancer than actress--did her best as Bathsheba, the woman beautiful enough to make a man disobey God but her acting had little conviction nor did she look all that dazzling.

It is in the outdoor and crowd scenes that that cheap production values of this made-for- cable video become painfully evident. It was filmed in Morocco, actually a promising location for a Bible epic, but apparently rushed to production with little attention to realism or coaching of locally recruited extras.

"The Story of David" (1976) starring a young Timothy Bottoms in Part I and filmed in Israel did much more with as little or less. THAT David truly was winsome--and "ruddy" as the Book of Samuel describes the shepherd boy who became king.

Reviewed by ma-cortes7 / 10

Bíblical story packs intense drama, romance , family confrontation and impressive battles

Biography about the second King of Israel with emotion , thrills , spectacular fights and nice production design in ancient times . The series focuses on David epic life from 1010 to 970 B.C. recounting his troublesome youthful , problematic family relationship , rebellion his son Absalom and essentially delving the intricacies of his love with Bathsheba. David : Nathaniel Parker is a very human figure who is really recorded in Bíblical episodes , Samuel Books 1 and 2 , he conquered Jerusalem and was author the Psalms. First King was Saul : Jonathan Pryce , who was named by Prophet Samuel : Leonard Nimoy . King Saul of Israel is jealous of fame and adoration of David , who long ago slew Goliath and defeated Philistines and brought victory to Saul army , too . But, subsequently , Saul and his son Jonathan : Ben Daniels were vanquished . When Saul was murdered by a sword slashed himself , David claimed his reígn by right of his marriage to Saul's daughter : Gina Bellman . The continued threat and domination of invaders forced the Jewish tribes uniting under a strong King : David . The harpist David is specially recorded by his acquisition of his favorite wife , Bathsheba : Sheyl Lee , though he had a harem to boot. After King David seeing the gorgeous Bathsheba bathing from the Palace room , he enters into an adulterous love affair which has dramatic consequences for his family and Israel , to be aware the vengeful God of Israel , then David will fall in distress and despair. The new wife was accomplished by sending her husband Uriah the Hitita : Marco Leonardi, a warrior serving as mercenary into way in war . David was supported by his commander Joab : Maurice Roeves and by Prophet Nathan , Franco Nero . His throne was married by usual dynastic confrontation among his children , Absalom and Ammon and Tamar : Clara Bellar. David must rediscover his faith in God in order to save his Kingdom from famine , war , starving and himself from his great number of sins . David was succeeded by Salomon , son of Queen Bathsheba , he inherited the reígn at David's death and became himself a Major King of Israel , building the famous temple of Salomon where the Ark of covenant was guarded.

Lavish and spectacular rendition about the notorious king and being well paced at this epical , bliblical Tv series . Here are brought to life some known events based on David life , as fights between David and Goliath , the cunning plot to murder Uriah that brings the wrath of God , Absalom rebellion and murder his brother Ammon who previously raped his sister Tamar . The series gets a brilliant and colorful cinematography by Raffaele Mertes . As well as a rousing and evocative musical score by Carlo Siotto. The motion picture was well made by Robert Markowitz . He is a good craftsman, usually working in TV series and episodes such as : Twilight zone , The plot's wife , The panthom of opera , Overexposed, A long way home , The Great Gastby , Avenger , Murder in the Heartlíne , Serpico and Kojak .

Other films upon this powerful Bíblical King are the following ones : David and Bathsheba 1951 by Henry King with Gregory Peck , Susan Hayward , Kieron Moore . David and Goliath by Fernando Baldí with Orson Welles , Ivo Payer , Edward Hilton . A story of David 1961 with Jeff Chandler , Basil Sidney , Donald Peasence. Saul and David 1964 by Marcello Balldi with Gianni Garco , Norman Woodland , Antonio Mayans , Aldo Sambrell. King David 1985 by Bruce Beresford with Richard Gere , Dennis Qulley , Cherie Lunghie, Alice Krige.

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