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Dead Wood



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca2 / 10

Indie yawner

DEAD WOOD is a terrible indie horror flick from Britain. It apparently took four years to get made and you can see why. As usual, a bunch of campers head off into the woods where they discover a mysterious girl before being stalked by persons unknown. This plays out as a slow moving drama with virtually no horror content whatsoever. There's no sense of menace here, just tedium with extraneous chit chat and dragged-out plotting.

Reviewed by dbborroughs3 / 10

Weak retread of things you've seen before

Group of people go camping. They get lost, hit a deer and end up more lost. The run into a girl looking for her boyfriend who's missing, and who we saw in the opening minutes come on (where a several foot high drop to a stream became a several story drop to a stream depending upon which shot you see. The film is full of mismatched shot like that). We eventually find out that the girl is possessed by some forest spirit who kills them...and loggers who show up in the coda for transgressing into the sacred wood, or some similar nonsense. Its not really worth going into, trust me. Somewhere down the road you'll that me that you've just saved 80 minutes of your life by not seeing the film and reading this review instead.

Reviewed by Systreco1 / 10

What?????? - DEAD BAD!

OK, obviously the previous comments have been written by crew or cast of the movie, they are pretty much exactly the same and they would be the ONLY people to find this load of crap entertaining! Firstly, yes this IS yet another run of the mill teen slasher/lost in the woods with no mobile phone signal piece of garbage! Secondly, there is NOTHING good to say about this movie! The acting was absolutely diabolical, I've seen better acting at a kids nativity play! And the script (if there actually was one) was just beyond belief! The previous comments say something about being scary and funny with great visual effects and music, well sorry but you have to be kidding! They also mention that there are great and sensual sex scenes! What???? The sex scenes are like something from a REALLY bad porn movie! I am angry that I wasted 90 minutes of my life on this monstrosity of a movie! 1/10 and I'm only giving 1 because zero wasn't available! NOT SCARY! NOT FUNNY AND NOT GOOD!

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