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Diamond Soles



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India Menuez as Mary Ellen
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Reviewed by ksf-26 / 10

girl got issues

Cecilia (ali michael) is depressed, so she goes back home to visit her old friends and boyfriends. While she has some candid conversations with people, it's still not satisfying. She spends a lot of time alone and sullen. And drinking and smoking. The ex goes along with it for a while, then decides he's had enough, and kicks her out. That was a pretty abrupt change of heart. And she has a pretty bad relationship with her own brother tony (nick lashaway). She can't get along with anyone! She parties so much, it's not surprising that she can't get work in ballet. And those bad habits are probably also affecting her relationshipts. So.... those who need a definitive ending won't find one here. We're left to draw our own conclusions, with a very subtle hint of where she's at. It's okay. Good performances by the actors. It's a couple days in the life of someone who returned home looking for happiness, or answers which didn't come. Currently showing on the plex streaming channel. I had seen charlie himmelstein in "bizarre", where he played a similar role. Confident, loud, very sexual. One issue here is the sound.... sometimes the music is so loud, and the actors are speaking so quickly and softly, we can't hear the lines. And subtitles are not currntly available for this film. Frustrating. Written and directed by micael preysler. Sadly, lashaway died at 28 in a car accident, three years before this film was released. As of today, there are only sixteen votes on imdb.

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