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Die Spalte

1971 [GERMAN]


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Reviewed by Quadruplex8 / 10

A hidden gem of the New German Cinema

15 year old Sophie escapes from an orphanage to get away from the authoritarian rule of the nuns who run it. On the street she doesn't find freedom but a pimp who picks her up and makes her a prostitute.

Visually the movie goes beyond the limits. One explicitly shown rape scene follows the other. Sophie's body is dragged around, beaten, raped and dragged around again. You get only a view glimpses on her personality hidden behind that surface.

The movie swims on the sexploitation wave that flooded German cinema in the late 60s but it goes beyond a cheap arousement. It's comparable to Ulrike Meinhof's "Bambule", that shows the fate of runaway girls forced into sex work. Meinhof's movie was on TV in May 1970. A few months later Meinhof joined the RAF terror group to fight a society that produced fates like Sophie's. The end of this movie might be seen as a comment on this development. It deliverers for sure the "and storm break loose" urge for violence that overshared German history in the decade to come.

Reviewed by agentlb_ilm10 / 10

This movie, when interpreted correctly, is amazing!

I have only watched this movie once, but when I watched it, it was amazing. My mother is the main actress, Gerhild Berktold. She did not let us, her children, watch the movie, until she thought we were mature enough to see it. The brutality of the situation that Sophie is put in, in the movie, is extremely realistic. Yes, there is violence, aggression, nudity, sex, drugs...all of that. But that was the situation of those times, and a very realistic portrayal.

This movie is hard to come across nowadays. If you do, please enjoy it, and know that the woman in that movie has turned out to be the most amazing woman and the best mother I could have ever asked for.

Thank you

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