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Dog Valley


Crime / Documentary / History / Mystery

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Reviewed by excessliability9 / 10

It was informative

Don't write many reviews, but I really liked this show. If you like crime shows, this is a good one. No big twists, but it is informative. I can't imagine the pain of the family.

Reviewed by kensirhan-8619810 / 10

Unsafe At Any Speed

What is so distressing about this - aside from the sickmaking specifics of this vile senseless unjust taking of an innocent life - is that it has taken a mere random appearance of it in the "Recommended for you" category on tv to know of this terrible crime, 24 years later. That it predated Matthew Shepard by 10 years, & that there was as far as I know NO mention of Gordon Church anytime during the course of that outrage, pains & angers me near equally. The horrible coincidence between the 2 - that both young men were set upon & savagely killed by a couple of twisted maladjusted closet cases that (rightly) hated their own selves - is offset by the abominable violation of the victim here which was not done to Matthew. In other ways the 2 utterly useless cretins here outdistanced the ones merely 1 state over & Ten Years After - the kidnapping, the attempt to break Gordon's neck (after his arm & jaw, wasn't enough for those),the jumper cables - what, were these What Evers channeling their inner nazi or something? - & the beating to death (Matthew was left alone to slowly die); but I could wish this Queer Quartet could have faced MY version of Due Justice: a nice little 2-dummies-with-1-switch ride in the chair, to send em already Hot & Crisp back down to the Devil's septic tank whence they had been fished out & set on the path to murderous infamy. My fullest appreciation to those who strived to bring to greater light the story of Gordon, & the miserable ("goodlooking"??? Somebody wants their eyes tested!) jackasses which got unequal justice - the barfmaking details of how its supporters caused the 1 with the shorter last name to escape the noose I will leave to subsequent viewers. When the cops say that weeping pustule should've gotten the swing right along with the other, for a crime in a less enlightened day, that's a great reflection on them - & in a state where the overriding religion is hardly such a beacon. (keep in mind that the killer of Lori Soares (that she was beyond unluckily married to) in Salt Lake City got pinched out a microscopic 6 years "to life" - which only recently was (barely) bumped to 15 years, ooh break out the 3.2% beer they allow for sale out there!) Most heartfelt condolences from a weeping heart to the families of Gordon & Matthew & any + all others who have loved ones taken from them by such disgusting savagery as this, & an imprimatur of Highly Recommended on this exploration of a too-little-known episode from the darkest depths of inhumanity.

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