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Eiffel... I'm in Love


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nexton6 / 10

just enjoy!!

Well. first don't compare this movie with another at all. Even you would, so put on the list the others indonesian's as well. Six stars because -the sign of the rise indonesian movies

-get a lot of intention from fellows The plot too cliché, and partly is non-sense (who'll act fierce if you face the beautiful girl for the first time). Sandy was too simple and Samuel was the totally jerk. but, above all things, no subject to complain, this is one of the highest worth indonesian's movies nowdays. so, it's no chain with the plot, clear your head, don't expect more or something clever, this was just another teen movie, just follow the shows, enjoy.......

Reviewed by gila_film5 / 10

Maybe it's not my age again?

Eiffel, I'm In Love (EIIL) proves that teenager is the massive cinema audiences. Thanks to them EIIL became another major hit after the mega success of Ada Apa Dengan Cinta?

The plot is novel as a teen flick could be, but that's we could expect form the writer that write the story when she's in her fifteen. But, because of that, I think EIILL is too childish to me. Everything goes for the teen, to satisfy them, but for me EIIL is a plain entertainer with nothing valuable to offer. I had watched a lot of teen flick, but I still have this feeling that the movies are sincere and not so manipulative, so the more mature audiences still can enjoy them.

Except Shandy Aulia whose really know how to act as a spoil girl, Samuel Rizal as the leading should learn more how to act decently. Another cast has a fair amount being good and dull. A surprise cameo comes form Titi Kamal (from Ada Apa Dengan Cinta fame) and her brief performance is still deliver a strong result. She definitely knows how to act.

The pace is slow but growing fast when the set become locate in Paris. Actually, as a whole, EIIL have a nice production design. And that makes this still entertaining to watch. The soundtrack from Melly is still spellbinding and works well.

I think EIIL is trying so hard to be cute and forgetting that a movie should be structuralized well and noticing the importance of essence of the movie as a story telling. I mean, I absolutely got nothing to take home away form this. I'm sure EIIL is still entertaining but is in a blank way, if you know what I mean.

Well, I guess it's just not for my age or maybe I'm to hip for this?


Reviewed by harve_p1 / 10


Nasri Cheppy, please update your set of mind! Today is not 80's anymore. And as a senior in movie industry, you should guide the talented writer Rahmanita and should not spoil her. Would you tell her that so many illogical, stupid and unnecessary scenes, lines and set up made by her while adapting her novel???

The story as simple as this: a girl from a (questionable)rich family meets a (doubtful) cool Paris student Indonesian-boy in Jakarta and they fall in love (strangely).

The conflicts? It's exaggerating. The acting? It's also exaggerating. The sounds of all the actors? 90% of them are sickening. Can anyone play naturally?

Sorry to say this, but this film SUCKS!!! (with capital letters and three exclamation marks). And oh, it's too long. Can you imagine more than two hours listening to those painfully whining voices? If it's shorter, like 90 minutes (or even an hour or even half an hour) maybe it's a little bit forgivable, from SUCKS!!! to sucks!!!

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