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Electric Earthquake


Action / Adventure / Animation / Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ron Oliver10 / 10

Fighting Evil With Superman

A Native American Scientist demands the return of Manhattan (Metropolis) to his people. Rebuffed, he unleashes an ELECTRIC EARTHQUAKE to destroy the city. With intrepid reporter Lois Lane his prisoner, and destruction mounting, it sure looks like a job for Superman.

This was another in the series of excellent cartoons Max Fleischer produced for Paramount Studio. They feature great animation and taut, fast-moving plots. Meant to be shown in movie theaters, they are miles ahead of their Saturday Morning counterparts. Bud Collyer is the voice of Superman; Joan Alexander does the honors for Lois Lane.

Reviewed by planktonrules9 / 10

Finally, a Superman cartoon that I liked.

I have seen most of the Superman cartoons made by the Fleischer Brothers for Paramount during the 1940s. Unfortanately, I have never particularly enjoyed them...that is up until now. "Electric Earthquake" brings the cartoon series an interesting villain--one you have a hard time completely hating.

The film begins with a Native American genius planting some sort of electrodes emanating from his underwater lair to Manhattan island. Then, he comes to the surface and announces that the government MUST give the island back to the natives or else! Well, they don't listen and soon he unleashes a wave of electric terror--causing the island to explode bit by bit. Not at all surprisingly, Lois gets caught up in all this and is taken prisoner. And, predictably, Superman comes to the rescue.

As I mentioned above, I liked this one because the story was strong--something not true for most of the other stories in the series. It was very interesting and kept my interest throughout--though I think it's the only time home for Superman was New York and not Metropolis!

Reviewed by preppy-310 / 10

Very interesting Superman cartoon

A Native American man says that Manhattan (Metropolis) belongs to his people and demands that it should be returned to them. Naturally he's refused. So, he plants something like explosive charges in the water under Manhattan and sets them off causing earthquakes. Naturally Lois Lane (as usual) is captured and tied up by him. Looks like it's Superman to the rescue.

Very good and very interesting in that it has a Native American as a villain. Also bringing up how Manhattan belongs to the Indians was very advanced for a 1942 cartoon. Still it's not really dealt with--this was just for entertainment and the action scenes delivered. I especially liked the elevator that traveled underwater to the villain's hideout.

Lots of fun! A 10.

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