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Engaged to Be Murdered



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Uploaded by: FREEMAN

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Mark Humphrey Photo
Mark Humphrey as Victor
Erin Boyes Photo
Erin Boyes as Olivia
Keenan Tracey Photo
Keenan Tracey as Russell
Sarah-Jane Redmond Photo
Sarah-Jane Redmond as Amanda Finley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lavatch8 / 10

The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth

The filmmakers of "Engaged to Be Murdered" (aka, "Meet My Mother") crafted a crackling good story of passion, ambition, corporate greed, and betrayal.

At the center of the action is the formidable matriarch Amanda Finley, who has doubts about her son Jack's engagement to Olivia. A well-developed set of secondary characters rounds out this gripping yarn.

There was excellent location footage of Seattle that is the backdrop for the story, and the performances were first-rate. It was the character interactions that were most compelling. It was clear at the outset that Jack and Olivia were genuinely committed to one another. The time-honored plot of a romantic couple overcoming obstacles was dusted off and carefully honed, especially through effective scripting.

Part of the suspense of the film was achieved by the characters of Amanda's best friend Caroline and her daughter Rachel, who once dated Jack. Those two, complex women may hold the key to unlocking the mystery of who is impeding the progress of Jack and Olivia in their desperate attempt to make it to their wedding altar unscathed.

Reviewed by galanosle3 / 10

The title I saw was "Engaged to be Murdered" but ok

The first thriller of the year, I didn't like the plot.

The character didn't apeal to me and I felt like something was missing from the script.

The music was nicer than I expected ( but not incredible).

I didn't enjoy the acting from all the actors.

I didn't like the threat of the movie at all, it felt forced.

The ending wasn't good in my opinion, the movie felt to long even tho it's just a 90 minute movie. (aka it was a bit boring at some points).

It didn't have any characters I really enjoyed, ( they all where one dimensional ).

I can say that I found the mother the most annoying character in this.

I wouldn't rewatch this film.

Reviewed by contact-262048 / 10

There is some fun to be had with some good directing choices and I have to give props to how the actors deliver.

Only a short comment so as not to diminish anything - nothing more than to reflect that the craft, the acting and the directing show some solid moments - If you watch a lot of these it's not the best, but also far from the worst, and although It's an odd plot, that could have had some flushing out - I DO enjoy some good family disfunction and meddling, so there is some fun to be had with good directing choices and I have to give props to how the actors deliver on selling the script. So without obvious spoilers: Uncle Victor puts in a good, albeit short showing, there's not a lot that romantically develops between Olivia and Jack, but they are solid enough - and I believe the frenemous relationship between a convincingly haughty Amanda and great performance by a duplicitous Caroline enough to enjoy the clever switch to villainous monologue by Caroline and subsequent vicious cat fight, which for me is the most fun - there's bit of a gotcha that happens with Rachel, who does succeed in her job of creeping me out too- so there that. It's worth a lifetime watch.

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