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Eric Clapton: Life in 12 Bars


Biography / Documentary / Music

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by music_man_fan9 / 10

An excellent documentary about Clapton's early work and life.

It's a very remarkable movie if you don't know Clapton well, or are even a big fan of his. Great documentary on his early work and how he somehow became the king of the guitar while growing up in the UK. It focuses on his early career mostly as that's where the story gets really interesting. Though uneven and moody at times, this gives the viewer the story on how Clapton became so respected that people would graffiti buildings with "Clapton is God".

So sad that trolls now control the ratings for such a good documentary like this. It seems they are out to get this movie by pretending to be female voters. But as has been noted on the internet many times, any movie praising black or feminine culture will be attacked on this site sadly. Hopefully this will not stop people from going to see this well done documentary as it deserves the praise it's been getting.

Reviewed by aaajjj35210 / 10


I don't know how it got such a low rated score here (I assume it was trolls). But 'Eric Clapton: A Life in 12 Bars' was spectacular, it delved into the personal life of Clapton: his struggles through drug and alcohol abuse, his girlfriends, his family life and career. It was very revealing. It showed another side of him, a more vulnerable and real side. It shows his early music influences in Blues and also includes other musicians that Eric was associated with in that era. Many people close to him are featured in the documentary. It was very well done. Brilliant.

Reviewed by vincefontana5 / 10

Just OK

Some of this documentary was good; the Blind Faith, Cream, and the Derek and the Dominos areas were quite good. However, Can someone please tell me how George Harrison was his only 'best' musician friend during the late '60's and early '70's? It is a glaring omission that Pete Townshend was not interviewed, or even shown in this film.Eric's comeback occurred at the Rainbow Concert, in January of 1973, after two years of inactivity, and was organized by, yes, you guessed it, Pete Townshend. Oh, and also, Pete was with Eric the first time that he saw Jimi Hendrix perform on stage. It's completely ridiculous that the producers of this film left Pete out of it, especially since he's alive, and could have easily have been interviewed.

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