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Escape from Hell

1980 [ITALIAN]

Adventure / Crime / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by somethingtotallyoriginal10 / 10

"I'll also need some alcohol to disinfect my hands", "Too bad it disinfects only the surface."

This is a state of the art Girls-In-Jungle-Prison-Camp movie. It is loaded with nudity and all kinds of abuse. No wonder the good handsome doctor is a drunk. But there's only so much a decent person can absorb before they stand up and snap back. The doctor is their only chance of survival from the notorious warden and guards.

There is a death scene that has to be one of the worst, most frightening I've ever seen. I've seen a million ways to die on screen, but I have never seen this one before.

A fool could say this only happens in movies... but I'm sure similar events happen all the time around the world. And yes... even to girls! They could be taken advantage easier.

Lets remember the inmates are all criminals to be there, but what goes on in the remote jungle miles from civilization is an unseen, unspeakable hell where people who are supposed to represent authority and teach correction just turn into criminals themselves. The moral of the story; two wrongs don't make a right and good always prevails.

A superbly crafted intense, dramatic, romantic film that is both meaningful and immensely entertaining. Escape!

Reviewed by Woodyanders8 / 10

A prime putrid piece of deliciously rancid sleaze

The lovely female inmates incarcerated at a remote prison camp located in a tropical rain forest are severely mistreated by the brutal staff. Several convicts who include the sassy Zaira (statuequse stunner Ajita Wilson),feisty new fish Vivienne (fetching Cristina Lay),and tough top con Katie (luscious Cintia Lodetti) enlist the assistance of the boozy, yet humane Dr. Farrell (well played by the always reliable Anthony Steffen) to break out of this unbearable hellhole. Director/co-writer Edoardo Mulargia goes out of his way to really deliver the graphic'n'greasy goods in a very stark and unflinching manner: we've got excessive leering nudity, raunchy semi-pornographic sex, an eye-popping miles of naked distaff flesh group shower scene, torture, whipping, no-holds-barred catfights, savage rape, forced sodomy, and, naturally, sizzling hot lesbianism. After the girls escape, they face such horrible perils as snakes, leeches, and quicksand. Better still, the potently rendered fetid, sweaty and uncomfortable atmosphere and harsh, gritty, nihilistic tone give this picture an extra mean and jolting in-your-face edge. The villains are a memorably nasty bunch: Luciano Pigozzi as the cruel, pitiless neat freak warden, Serafino Profumo as sadistic guard Martinez, and Yael Forti as cocky trustee inmate guard Marika. Of course, this flick overall sizes up as a thoroughly base, disgusting and morally reprehensible serving of pure repulsive trash. In other word, it's the absolute scuzzy bomb, baby!

Reviewed by thelegendarywd9 / 10

Sleaze Galore... The W-I-P Film at its Trashy Best

Great family entertainment! OK, maybe not.... But, man, what an excellent piece of sleaze. Great sex scenes (in the first sex scene you can see that the girl is actually performing REAL oral sex on the male guard),the stand-out being the sweaty lesbian scene in the jail cell... very steamy. The rape scenes are a little too rough and suprisingly realistic (one guard holds the lead actress while the other gropes and performs REAL oral sex her) but my guess is that the cast is probably of the hardcore background due to the scenes they perform in this film. It may not have the wit of Caged Heat or the originality of The Big Bird Cage but it sure does know the right parts to imitate. While this may not be the "watch with the girlfriend" type movie it's a great guilty pleasure... and one hell of a Sleazy/Trashy/Morally devoid piece of filth!!! GOD, I LOVE IT! 9/10.

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