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Evil Dead Rise



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jkanecoleman5 / 10

I can't explain what's missing here...

I hate writing this review, because I feel like maybe I missed something here, but I didn't love Evil Dead Rise

The film starts off with a great opening scene then goes back a day prior to explain what is occurring. I really like the setting of this being in an apartment, as it gives the film more dread. I also love how the children give a back story/urban legend explanation then find the hidden book in a really cool way. I guess I wanted more if this back story, as it's really cool.

The movie then goes pretty break neck and carnage ensues. The character development isn't great, so I didn't really care that they were all in this awful situation. The acting is good for sure, especially the mother, she makes the film.

There's a lot of blood in this flick, and maybe I watch too many horrymovies, but I wanted this to be more brutal with gore. Blood and gore are different to me, just to clarify. Anyway, when I found out this was initially made to be released via streaming, it made more sense.

I think there's a good movie in here, but it fell flat for me. I loved the 2013 reboot, so maybe my expectations were off. I guess you could do way worse for a fun time in theaters, but to end "I'm not mad, just disappointed".

Reviewed by FeastMode6 / 10

I can't explain why I didn't like this more

I haven't seen any of the previous Evil Dead movies. I judged this solely on its own merits. It's well made in many ways. It starts with a really cool opening scene that had my jaw dropped. And an epic opening title shot that reminded me of Fury Road's.

The entire movie is so loud and bombastic. You could say the same about the violence. It's brutal. I love that they take full advantage of the R-rating. It doesn't hold back. I liked all of the kill scenes and carnage.

So why didn't I like this more? I have no idea. I was having a decent time. But I wasn't fully engaged or attached. My mind wandered a couple times. I didn't care about the wellbeing of the characters. It doesn't feel like something I will revisit. There are a few dumb moments but nothing too egregious. I just wasn't that into it.

(1 viewing, opening Thursday UltraScreen 4/20/2023)

Reviewed by ykjdh8 / 10

You get exactly what you pay for

Fans of the evil dead movies will love everything about this one. There's blood and gore along with some scary stuff thrown in there to creep you out.

I was a little bummed though there's still no Ash in this one but I still enjoyed it.

The evil dead movies have left the woods and bring their bloodthirsty spirits to Los Angeles in an apartment building where a woman is raising her kids alone. One of the kids finds the book of the dead and decides messing around with it is a good idea. Enter the younger sister of the single mom who plays pretty much the go between trying to hold the family together once the kid finds out things should be left alone for a reason.

There's some good, gooey make up effects and some thrills here. You've seen it all before but even fans of 1986's Dario Argento's Demons movies might even recognize a little homage here. Anyhow, you get your money's worth here but for originality I recommend Nefarious instead. Still, this is a bloody (literally) good time.

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