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2022 [HINDI]

Action / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ezazewu1 / 10

Biased storytelling and altered factual events.

It is a good attempt to make a film about this horrible event. However, as the film producers are making this one for commercial purposes, they have altered many actual incidents and made it suitable to watch and enjoy like a thriller movie. For a Bangladeshi viewer, who knows the actual facts, it is difficult to watch this movie considering the actual event in mind. Therefore, if you told this story as fiction and altered the name and natural places, it could be acceptable for many viewers. To mention the good part, everyone, like the actor, director and sound engineer, did their best. Personally, I couldn't enjoy the movie with biased storytelling and altered factual events.

Reviewed by asifeedsbl1 / 10


So funny. Bangladesh Police is talking in hindi wearing the official uniform of Bangladesh Police. Sarcastic for that specific police force. So lame.

In Bangladesh, another movie maker named Mostafa Sarwar Farooqui directed another movie in same topic that is named as "Shonibar Bikele" or "In the afternoon of a Saturday". But the sensor board did not permit him to publish this movie due to some reasons which is really a matter of sorrow. And they appealed to release the movie before months whereas he is still waiting to release it. But bollywood has made it done by making this unrealistic movie on the topic of anothercountry. This is very funny.

Reviewed by mdrazibhussain5 / 10

Totally misleading from the actual event.

This movie made upon a real story but barely followed the actual story. Totally disrespectful to the people died in this event and to their friends and family.

Even this movie is poorly made, just an shameless attempt to make money by using the name this sensitive issue.

For this reason, one of the victims (Abanti) family filed a complain in the Supreme court of Bangladesh and the court banned this movie from all Cinrma and online platforms. That's proofs that this movie is not legally nor ethically okay.

Another fact is Bangladeshi police talking hindi in this movie! What a joke! No Bangladeshi talks hinfi to themselves. The movie maker was so confused about what he is making!

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