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Fast X


Action / Adventure / Crime / Mystery / Thriller

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Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto
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Alan Ritchson as Aimes
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Jason Statham as Shaw
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ksgillihan4 / 10

People actually gave this a 10????

The Fast franchise is a movie series that should have faded away a long, long time ago. It started out as a fun but a bit over the top high-octane thrill ride but has descended into the realm of cartoons. With each iteration the action gets increasingly more and more unbelievable. Everybody likes an action film with chases and escapes and fights but what we get here is something like a bad anime in real life. Sure they tried and tried hard to make this movie more spectacular than all the others but one can only shut off their brain for so long. Pushing the boundaries of cinema is one thing but when you throw all sense and reality out the window you get, well this. In the first 5 minutes of the movie I already could tell this was going straight to the Moon with zero plan of how to actually get there. You see Dominic's 8 year old son driving and drifting a muscle car around a parking lot as if he was a pro. Utter ridiculous crap. What's next, to the actual Moon? Or maybe there is a secret bunker in the center of the Earth the team has to infiltrate in order to save the world? Or maybe Dom's car gets a time machine installed in it and they travel back in time to fight Hitler and the SS? I mean, why not? Everything else that happens in this movie is just as plausible. Everyone in Dom's team is an expert at everything and they all seem to be super-human as well. When will this garbage actually end?

Reviewed by BA_Harrison3 / 10

The worst one yet.

Fast & Furious 9 did what a lot of franchises do at some point: it took the action into outer space. This seemed to me like a good point to call it quits. But with the money still rolling in, nobody in Hollywood was going to end this cash cow; thus we have Fast X, the first in a rumoured three part finale (until the inevitable reboot).

I've been on board with the franchise since the start, sticking with it as it moved from the street racing world into more James Bond territory, the action getting more and more ridiculous with each chapter. Seeing how each movie would top the one before in terms of craziness is what kept me entertained. But Fast X is just dumb, and it's not even dumb fun.

The stunts are more preposterous than ever, but the film is never thrilling, every interminable action scene enhanced by rather ropey CGI (the flames, in particular, look really bad). There are some dreadful attempts at humour (mostly courtesy of Tyrese Gibson and Ludacris),and we get all that inevitable crap about the importance of family (if I see the gang having another barbecue I think I'll hurl).

And then there's Jason Momoa as villain Dante...

I can see what they were going for -- kooky flamboyant psycho capable of almost anything -- but Momoa is absolutely awful, his performance bordering on camp, not helped by the character's dubious choice of attire. It's hard to find Dante menacing when he's flouncing about in a silky shirt. I'll no doubt watch the next two films for the sake of completion, but with Momoa on board it'll be hard going.

Fast X is easily the weakest of the series so far, but I'll give it 3/10 because I guess things could get even worse.

Reviewed by hectordanielbuelna3 / 10

Toretto just started playing Rocket League in the middle of Italy.

Fast X finally went too far.

As far as I remember, people keep complaining about this movies being dumb, however, people often dismisses the the charm of the action and the overcomplicated plots of crazy writers trying to show how smart they are. This time they actually went too far.

Once again they retcon an old movie by adding scenes that weren't there. Once again they got caught on a "revenge plot" and once again family has to come together to defeat evil. They quite literallu rehashed the plot of the last 2-3 movies, but this time they got lazy!

The whole family is vack qith a brand new cast.

Allan Ritchson, I love the guy, but he can't act to save his life. He has the funniest dialogues in the entire movie, though.

Alison Brie, the second worse actor in the entire movie, has absolutely no chemistry with the entire cast. It's actually impressive, she seem uncomfortable in every scene. I don't get it.

John Cena again charming his way into making you like his character, he can't act either, but he actually takes advantage of the dialogues and his own phisicality to sell the Jacob Toretto.

And Jason Momoa... Just played a goofier Joker. Jared Leto would be proud. He's even obsessed with the color purple. Someone must've felt very cheeky when he said something on the lines of "I don't wanna kill them, I just want to hurt them real bad". What a failure of a villain. Jumping back and forwards between a serious villain and an clown.

This was, overall, a very dull, uninteresting and boring disappointment. Fast 9 shoulda been the last one.

Not looking forward to the sequels to this mess, not at all.

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