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Flip That Romance



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Tyler Hynes as Lance
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Julie Gonzalo as Jules
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jewhitmer259 / 10

Great movie

I always enjoy Tyler Hynes in Hallmark movies and he never disappoints,.

In this case he is well-paired with Julia Gonzalo they had chemistry and their banter was not over the top. So glad he was paired with an actress that was his equal in the acting department and he didn't have to carry the movie alone.

The story was not the same old same old Hallmark Movie, the script was well written many of the plot points were refreshing new. The supporting actors were good too

My only complaint is that I wanted them to tie in the contest.

This movie is definately on my, I'd watch it again list.

Try it, you'll like it.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird5 / 10

Less than civil romance

'Flip that Romance' is the first 2019 Spring Fever film from Hallmark. The biggest draw here for me was Tyler Hynes, he is always worth watching, even when the film is not good, and he is among the best and most consistent Hallmark regulars. Have not seen enough from Julie Gonzalo, knowing her best from 'Jingle Bell Bride' (which she was better in) and 'A Cinderella Story'. Shannon Chan-Kent is always good value.

2019 was a hit and miss year for Hallmark, not a surprise though considering that all the previous and succeeding years varied widely too. 'Flip that Romance' is not one of the worst 2019 Hallmark films. It is also not one of the best and is a not so promising start for the Spring Fever block. It is also a case of one lead being great and the other trying and struggling with a badly written character. 'Flip that Romance' is not a bad film, just not a particularly good one either.

Beginning with the good, the scenery and decor are absolutely beautiful. The photography complements them very well indeed. The music at least fits and doesn't feel constant or too in your face. There are some very cute and light-hearted moments, some of the banter is fun.

The supporting cast are more than solid all round. The best thing about 'Flip that Romance' is Hynes, who is so easy going, subtly charismatic and charming as a character that is easy to like.

Gonzalo is the opposite. She does try hard, but most of the time it feels like she is trying too hard and she makes her character's already exaggerated and over-written character flaws even more overblown. The over-sensitivity, selfishness and rudeness are just overkill and the character was impossible to connect with. She and Hynes don't have any chemistry together, or certainly not a romantic or cute one due to rooting for him to find someone else.

While some of the banter is fun, it is agreed that the writers go well overboard on the bickering, which is very repetitive and is rather mean-spirited. The characters could have had more depth, while Jules' character writing really unbalances the film. The story maps out pretty much exactly what one expects, but lacks energy and the tensions are contrived beyond belief. The charm and warmth aren't there on the whole, and the ending did not come over as realistic and feels unwarranted.

In summary, another watchable but not particularly good film. 5/10.

Reviewed by rebekahrox7 / 10

Too much fighting.

Yeah, maybe it was the mood I was in, but I got very tired very quickly of the constant bickering and over-competitiveness of the two principles. It was particularly egregious on the part of the woman, who let her emotions run away with her and bid more than she could afford and over the maximum she agreed on with her partner. Just to get one over her ex-boyfriend. She was too hostile for me. I was really frosted by the imaturity and foolishness. Julie Gonzalo was okay as the female lead, but I loved Tyler Hynes as her love interest. He's resposnsible for most of the stars I gave this one.

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