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Full River Red

2023 [CHINESE]

Comedy / Drama / History / Mystery

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lcy-427535 / 10

A movies that even the Chinese are not comfortable watching

The plot is told in the form of a double male lead in a fast-moving, ancient idol scripted secret room. I can appreciate the helplessness and hopelessness of the film's producers.

The short video-style comedy starring Shen Teng is the highlight of the film, and Yi Yiming Qianxi supports the vast majority of the main line and growth story, but it is clear that the character he plays is not doing well in the plot, which is the problem of the script, not the actor.

The cast is undoubtedly too strong in China, when scoring it is recommended to give the cast 6 points first, and then reduce the score according to other issues as appropriate.

Reviewed by flcntk3-856-9860173 / 10

a subtle call to arms propaganda

Historically based films almost always use the past to comment or reflect on the present, and "Full River Red" is no exception. This is directed by Zhang Yimou, the person who brought you "Hero", a film that suggests unification trumps tyranny and thus making tyranny forgivable. The tyrant in that story was Qin Shi Huang, an emperor who burned books and buried scholars alive by the mass. In the case of "Full River Red", it borrows from the legendary story surrounding the hero of Yue Fei by using Qín Huì, the person who purportedly was instrumental for Fei's death, as the pivotal character to spin an intriguing story not so much about loyalty and betrayal to the emperor as one would expect from the plot, but interestingly sidelining the climax to a different focal point about awakening the army to pledge allegiance to Fei's defense of the Sung's dynastic unity. That was a call to battle for the army to claim land that was lost to the invading Jin. How this point becomes the focusing nexus for the entire film was at that very scene, the army recite in chorus the famous Fei's poem: "Full River Red ", and that recitation was built to a powerful climatic high point of emotional crescendo. This is what the story is really about. Army allegiance to defend territorial integrity. A sentiment that is in harmony with the current context of Sino-geopolitical ambition from the Chinese Communist Party perpetual helmsman Xi's perspective. Looking back at the message from "Hero" to now, you may say "Full River Red" is an extension of that same sentiment. That said, Zhang also brought you "To Live" in his earliest works. A film that shows empathetically from the inside the harrowing plight of Chinese nationals as they try to adept and survive in the topsy turvy political turmoil of China, especially under the Cultural Revolution and the ruling thumb of the Chinese Communist Party. That grassroot perspective is not lost in "Full River Red" either. If you look beneath the sophisticated and well-polished veneer of the film which serves subtly as a Party instrument calling for army's loyalty to defend national integrity, you will see beneath that veneer the overbearing stench and corruption coming from omnipotent power, the callous self-serving use of others, and the maneuvering skills one needs to stay alive where personal truth and integrity if there are any are always best kept close to the chest. As said so at the beginning of my review, historical films are to use the past to reflect and comment on the now and this is exactly what Full Red River is doing. As such, you can say it is propagandistic.

Reviewed by t-122531 / 10

As a Chinese I think it's a shame to the Chinese movie

I cannot believe that this film has the highest box office during the spring festival. As far as I am concerned it's only a good commercial movie but it's definitely not a meaningful movie to the development of the Chinese movie.

The movie which is positioned as comedy and suspense but the only thing that can make the movie funny is Shen Teng, a Chinese comedy actor. The plot of this movie is not funny at all. As for the suspense part for the movie, well, there is no suspense part for the movie. The only thing the movie has is simple narration, sometimes you can even guess what will happen next. And you called this is suspenseful, how ridiculous.

Anyhow, the movie is meaningless and the narration sucks. And it's not worth watching. Do not waste two and half hours to watch this movie like me.

Sorry about my English. My gramma may have some mistakes.

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