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God's Country


Action / Comedy / Drama / Family

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled55%
IMDb Rating4.510344

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Daniel Hugh Kelly as Mr. Randolph Whitaker
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jaybernieschoep10 / 10

Gods Country

This was a great movie to watch talks about a place away from the city tells about how a person who has a Christian camp and is in debt. And helps us know God is there 24/7. And the owner makes a deal with the investment company for six days and the woman life changes. Has idea to save the camp .

Reviewed by scarletpumpernickel2 / 10


Apart from reasonable PD, this movie has a ridiculous plot.., and Meghan's representation of the character fails on every count to portray a business-like reality. Likewise the camp leader comes off more like a kidnapper than a Christian.

Overall, it's uncomfortable to watch.

Reviewed by richard_clarke_larsen8 / 10

Solid Family Film

God's Country is a solid family film masterly told by director Christopher Armstrong. With sweeping scenery shots, subtle symbolism and a score that really sets the tone, it is obvious Armstrong is on top of his craft. With a strong cast lead by up and comer Jenn Gotzon, your heart strings will be tugged as she confronts what is actually important in life. Gotzon plays a talented executive with a cold heart that slowly starts to melt as she experiences the beauty and atmosphere of, God's Country, a Christian camp in the Mojave Desert. Gotzon brings the character alive with her subtle expressions and reactions as you watch the arch of the character develop throughout the film. Without such a talented cast and talented direction, this film could have easily slipped into another substandard indy film but doesn't and yields good family entertainment.

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