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Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Natasha Calis Photo
Natasha Calis as Emily Kettering
Molly Parker Photo
Molly Parker as Amy Kettering
Lochlyn Munro Photo
Lochlyn Munro as David Kettering
Adrian Holmes Photo
Adrian Holmes as Duncan Hall
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lavatch8 / 10

Girl on the Run

In what first appears to be an abduction film, the filmmakers switch gears to the girl-on-the-run thriller genre. The scripting is clever, the characters are well developed, and the narrative design includes an excellent set of twists and turns.

Amy Kettering is still in recovery from her traumatic experience of a brutal assault when she has to deal with the kidnapping of her young child Emily. On top of everything, Amy's estranged husband David is filing for sole custody.

Amy works as a nurse, and she was in the perfect position to be blackmailed to murder a reporter who was shot and wounded and is in recovery at the hospital where Amy works. She must administer the lethal injection to the reporter in order to get her child back.

Behind the scenes, a mastermind has stolen precious vials of flu vaccine to be used in a scam to prop up a political operative named Paula Stomach. It looks like everything will come to a head at the old island factory of the Leeson & Leslie Scrap and Salvage company.

But that was a false ending as the quick-thinking Emily signaled to her mom on video that she was being held in a posh estate at 12 Rose Avenue. In the climactic scene, Amy puts her martial arts training to use in defeating the mastermind of the flu vaccine theft, the crooked cop who was working on the inside, and the politician who stood to capitalize on the vaccine shortage.

The best line in the film was spoken by Amy, when she queried the mastermind, "You think you can trust a politician?" Behind the mad race to discover the truth, the heroine was a model of the film's principal theme that a mother will stop at nothing in order to save her child. Amy Kettering is both a survivor and a model mom.

Reviewed by wes-connors5 / 10

The Plot Thickens

A mysterious man, running from some howling dogs, introduces the drama. We will re-encounter him later…

Next, we meet tightly-wound nurse Molly Parker (as Amy). She has survived a terrifying parking lot attack, which we shall partially see in flashbacks. To help deal with being the victim of a violent crime, Ms. Parker sees a counselor and takes medication. For self-defense, she goes to karate class - and she has learned how to wield a gun. Parker is separated from mechanic husband Lochlyn Munro (as David Franklin),who worries about his wife's inability to overcome her victimization. He is seeking custody of cute little Natasha Calis (as Emily). Parker goes to pick up their daughter at school, but the girl has been kidnapped...

Parker receives a phone call from the abductor ordering her to kill one of the patients at the hospital where she works - before midnight, or the kid will be floating in a river. The targeted patient is the man from the opening scene. This thriller first loses a large dose of credibility when the police let both mother and father out of their sights. Most police would be suspicious when one of the parents receives a phone call, then leaves. Get ready to suspend your disbelief as additional plot points unfold... "Gone" writer Ron Oliver and director Grant Harvey handle the assignment well, and keep this moving fast enough to hold your attention.

***** Gone (6/27/11) Grant Harvey ~ Molly Parker, Lochlyn Munro, Sonja Bennett, Peter Bryant

Reviewed by kapelusznik186 / 10

You can stay here and see just how real business is done

***SPOILERS*** Action packed thriller with crack shot and martial arts expert housewife and nurse Amy Kettering, Molly Parker, cracking heads and kicking butt to get her kidnapped 9 year old daughter Emily,Natasha Calis, from being murdered by her abductors if she doesn't go along with their program. The program that they want is for Amy to knock off investigative reported Borden, John Shaw, who's a patient in the hospital emergency ward that she's assigned to.

Borden has the goods on a number of people in government who are planning to hijack a shipment of flu vaccine and through the black market sell it to the highest bidder. It's Amy who is ordered to murder Borden before he gets out of his coma-and spills the beans on them-or else it's curtains for her daughter Emily! Already facing the courts rule in her husband David, Lochlyn Munro, favor for child custody Amy like it or not now needs him to help her find Emily or else she or he won't have her at all. The film has so many twists and turns that you need a score card to keep up with it. Among them the very police looking to find Emily are compromised in one of them being a member of the kidnap team.

***SPOILERS*** The ends come as a major surprise at a private party being thrown by one of the city's most important and honored citizens who's actual the ring leader of all this and in the end chickens out when her as well as his, her partner in crime, plan start to fall apart and go south! Despite not looking up to the job, looking frail and under 115 pounds, Amy has no trouble putting away the bad guys even after she was shot by one of them. Not just stopping at that-being shot and almost killed-Amy crashes the secret meeting of the biggest power brokers in town and slugs and shoots it out with those behind her daughter Emily's kidnapping and Borden, who was killed before all the action happened, killer. That in the end not only save Emily for bing murdered but gets her husband David, who tried to stay out of all this mayhem,to agree to have her have totally custody rights since, after what Amy did to the bad guys in the movie, she more then earned them!

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