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Robert De Niro Photo
Robert De Niro as James Conway
Lorraine Bracco Photo
Lorraine Bracco as Karen Hill
Ray Liotta Photo
Ray Liotta as Henry Hill
Samuel L. Jackson Photo
Samuel L. Jackson as Stacks Edwards
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by frankthecat-907049 / 10


Great movie still holds up well today. Cinematography top notch, acting amazing from whole cast, directing on point, casting fantastic. Couldn't ask for anything better.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird10 / 10

A great director at the peak of his talents

It is hard to describe the brilliance that is Goodfellas. As good as Raging Bull and Taxi Driver are, I think Goodfellas is Martin Scorsese's best film and is a textbook example of a great director at the peak of his talents. The film crackles with raw energy and enthusiasm, the film is superbly directed and the final sequence is nothing short of stunning. The script is also excellent with memorable quotes, the story is never less than compelling and the pop and rock soundtrack is winning. The cinematography and detail is immaculate, and the ensemble cast is one of film's finest. Joe Pesci won an Oscar for his performance, and as good as he was, he is perfectly matched by Robert DeNiro and Ray Liotta. All in all, it is a brilliant film and an instant classic no matter what time, day, week or year. 10/10 Bethany Cox

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca10 / 10

Scorsese's masterpiece stands the test of time

Martin Scorsese's unflinching portrayal of life in the mafia is a rightly acclaimed epic, at times funny, depressing but most of all frightening, all the more so because it's based on a true story. Basically it's the story of Ray Liotta's character's rise and fall in the mafia, and the way his relationships change with the various figures there as times come and go.

The acting is what makes this film so engaging, and Ray Liotta excels as the bright young man who eventually becomes a drug addict. His transformation is brilliant as he ages thirty years and the acting choice couldn't have been better. Robert De Niro is on hand to deliver some real class to the proceedings too, and he's as good as he ever was as the seemingly nice but deadly Jimmy. However Joe Pesci steals the overacting awards with his portrayal of the foul-mouthed psychotic Tommy, who spends the film shooting and beating those who offend him. Pesci is both funny and frightening as a maniac who doesn't think twice about killing people, and his kinetic performance bursts off the screen in a blaze of fury. The rest of the cast, including Liotta's wife and Paul Sorvino, also put in well-judged and realistic performances.

While some people may be put off by the long running length, this is engrossing viewing, as the film charts the various gruesome demises of unfortunate characters (the opening body in the boot being a standout in sheer brutality),Liotta's growing paranoia (the helicopter scenes are memorable) and eventual capture, and the characters' changing loyalties. GOODFELLAS was really the final word about gangster life, at least until CASINO came along.

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