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Gospel of Deceit


Action / Thriller

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Alexandra Paul Photo
Alexandra Paul as Emily / wife
Zoie Palmer Photo
Zoie Palmer as Tracy / Luke's girlfriend
Lisa Berry Photo
Lisa Berry as Sarah
Corey Sevier Photo
Corey Sevier as Luke / Emily's lover
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by benoit-35 / 10

Mainstream Porn for American WASP Women

A preacher's wife (think Reverend Lovejoy's wife from "The Simpsons") gets her bony ass regularly shtupped by a muscle-bound sex-monkey drifter cute-as-a-button boy-toy with a very high-maintenance pompadour hair-do (think Snake from "The Simpsons") just as her sanctimonious husband is about to conclude a lucrative televangelism deal. Complications ensue. There is nothing wrong with this film once you admit it's really pornography for women. There is really nothing unnatural about that, per se. Some works of this genre have attained cult and classic status, like, say, oh, I don't know, "Jane Eyre". Everybody with ovaries enjoys this kind of pastime. It's just regrettable that American women - and Anglo-Saxon White Protestant women especially - feel that their pleasure can only be complete with the inclusion of large doses of guilt, deceit, bitchiness, gossip, mental illness, paranoia, greed, medical near-emergencies, police and media involvement, skeletons in the closet, triple-generational incest, double adultery, shame, ruined reputations, scandal, murder, blackmail, public exposure, bad driving and ultimately humiliation, punishment, mutilation or death of the "guilty" parties. Refer again to all the works of the Brontë sisters and their Gothic Harlequin romance and afternoon soap-opera descendants. Everyone should be able to enjoy sex when they can, but why all the hypocrisy?

The film score alternates between torridly sexy sax solos for the soft porn scenes and abysmal "fear music" that would make the History Channel proud for everything else. A Black Gospel choir is also trotted out on stage every time the viewer might be forgiven for concluding those small-town fundamentalist Christian nutjobs must surely be racist Republican tea-baggers to boot.

Reviewed by thewritebrain1 / 10

Unintentionally funny!

This movie is so bad it's good -- in an unintentionally funny way. I couldn't stop watching it, I was laughing so much! It's like a parody of a romantic thriller, except it's not a parody.

Alexandra Paul plays Emily Wendell, an oppressed preacher's wife who falls hard for Luke (Corey Sevier),a hunky and mysterious drifter who we eventually learn was in prison; the only thing Sevier is guilty of, though, is bad acting! Mind you, he's no worse than the other actors. You get the sense that the actors have *no* idea they're in a really awful film; they're playing it straight. Everything about the film is bad: the acting, the script, the love scenes, the pacing, the plot twists, the choice of music. The climactic scenes are just so ludicrous -- first the shootout in the church, then Luke's final words to Emily -- I was howling with laughter.

Evidently Luke did a lot of weight lifting and ab crunches in prison, and we get to see plenty of his naked torso. That's probably the highlight of the film.

Reviewed by sol-kay6 / 10

I'm feeding the multitude

***SPOILERS*** It's when the righteous and God fearing preacher Ted Wendell, J.C Meckenzie, was about to get his very own national televised TV show to spread the word of love and doing on to others that you would want done unto yourself that this handsome hungry and mysterious drifter Luke Mcilroy, Corey Sevier, shows up at Ted's church picnic, where everyone is invited, to wolf down a free ham & cheese sandwich.

Not only do all the girls at the church picnic notice the boyishly handsome and somewhat weird Luke but Ted's wife Emily, Alexandra Paul, notices him too! Given a place to stay at the church by the very kind and attentive Ted Luke's true colors start to surface. Before you know it Luke got Emily fawning all over him behind her husbands Ted's back with Ted not for once noticing, in him always counting the church's daily donations, what's going on between the two. Luke stripping off his clothes doesn't waste any time in bedding down a shocked and confused Emily to the heavy saxophone like, that sounds like 50,000 ton ship's foghorn, X-rated music that if it didn't burst your eardrums, even with ear plugs stuck inside them, would have woken up the dead if it reached a decibel or two higher!

**SPOILERS***Just when you and Emily thought that things couldn't get any worse Luke come up with the shocking revelation that he's in fact Emily's son that she thought she had aborted when she was a teenager before she met her husband Ted! What's even worse is that Emily found out after getting her annual check-up that she pregnant and that Luke, her son, is the father! It's now up to Emily to pay off her "son" with $50,000.00 of the church's money or else he'll spill the beans on her past sins and thus destroy her husbands career as a big time TV evangelist before it even beings!

***MAJOR SPOILERS*** We soon find out that there's more going on in the movie then what meets the eye or brain in that Ted himself planned this whole charade well ahead of time in order to both drive Emily insane and to kill herself so he can keep all the fame and money in his new found career as a TV evangelist to himself! In Ted's sick mind having his terribly abused wife Emily exposed as the very worst kind of a women will in fact gain him sympathy among his flock as well as jack up his TV ratings that really haven't been going anywhere lately! In the end it's Luke himself who saw the light in what he was involved in and secretly taped Ted at his favorite hangout,a biker bar, where he laid out his plans to do in his wife.

The unbelievable final few minutes of the movie are so mind boggling that I had to watch them about a half dozen times, on DVD, just to make sure that I wasn't hallucinating when I saw them! With Emily who was supposed to be dead of a drug overdose popping up in the church as Ted was giving a sermon about right and wrong and Luke showing up dressed all in leather and pulling out a tape-recorder exposing what a low-life and murderous rat Ted really was! As pandemonium broke out all Ted could think of was to gun down, after grabbing Officer Burke's(Trevor Bain)service revolver, both Emily and Luke in order to shut them up! But by then it was too late for him with the entire congregation, as well as the tens of thousands watching this spectacle on live TV, seeing just what a kind of a man Ted was which wasn't what he always claimed to be: A Man of God!

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