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2023 [CHINESE]


Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright100%
IMDb Rating7.11072


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Joan Chen Photo
Joan Chen as Li Jiazhen
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Reviewed by eunbi05301 / 10

Another Chinese rip off that misses the point of the original story.

Hachiko was a real Japanese dog from the breed Akita Inu, this breed has a peculiarity that isn't found in most breeds, they are extremely loyal to one person.

I have watched the brutal 1987 original and the lame 2009 American rip off, both show an Akita as the dog the story was based on, however this Chinese adaptation changes the meaning of Hachiko's name, which was supposed to be "lucky", to "eight dots" - a mahjong reference . Also, another huge issue is how Hachiko, or rather Batong, isn't an Akita Inu, but rather a Chinese pastoral dog.

So this adaptation pushes away core elements that makes the story of Hachiko so important, even the American adaptation didn't do that, but the Chinese adaptation changed those to make it seem like it was something that happened in China.

Such a shame they felt like they should change those elements of the story.

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