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Half & Half


Action / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mailabhibh8 / 10

Good watch

Worth watching! A good message delivered in a dialog-less narrative! While the key actors did extremely well, in fact beyond my expectations, you cannot miss the perfection that has been delicately delivered by Sri. I am sure there are much more successes in store!

Reviewed by therealljessemac6 / 10

No speech here

" No speech here " no intention to confuse anyone but that's the idea of this movie the use of emotions and feelings, the viewer has to read meaning into the gestures of the actors.

The movie deals with an interracial relationship! But this relationship is platonic, it happens between a black man trapped in his own world, this changes after he encounters an Asian Muslim lady, he tries to adjust his ways, most visibly his dressing.

The black man lives his everyday life some how confused until he encounters the Muslim lady this is often the climatic point in this movie, she brings out the life in him as she is his other half she serves as a medium of happiness and excitement for the black man.

Despite the use of emotions and gestures to connect with the audience, the movie looses its touch on the way like a school child who can't find the way home although I must commend the daring effort of those who put this out it could serve as a modern example of an early era in film studies.

The actors actually do a great job although I believe that the role which was played by Johnny Jordan Jr. Should have actually been more emotional and method acting should have been employed in that role played by the actor, it creates a lacuna which would only be eliminated by an individual who desires to look the other way.

Reviewed by Innacana1 / 10

Wrong portrayal

Another pointless movie. Perhaps the director/writer should focus problems from his own origin and religion, and they have tons of social problems, like r*pe, farmers suicide, Hinduism extremism, etc., instead of poking around other religions and incorrectly portraying Muslim women as being oppressed by their husbands. It also shows his lack of knowledge that playing lottery is not even allowed in the religion and he made a goof movie about it !!!

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