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Have a Nice Day

2017 [CHINESE]

Animation / Comedy / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh78%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright65%
IMDb Rating6.4102114

stolen money

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ferguson-66 / 10

animated chases with important subtext

Greetings again from the darkness. One need only read the credits to understand that this is a personal project of Liu Jian. It's kind of comical to see his name come up as writer, director, illustrator, producer, and editor. He even wrote at least one of the songs featured in the film! An animated film from China that is clearly influenced by the likes of Quentin Tarantino and some modern day madcap caper films offers a nice respite from the typical January releases that hit the theatre.

Jian's film is a crime thriller with socioeconomic subtext that hovers over each scene. An extended opening credits sequence provides the lay of the land (in this case, city) for the upcoming story. There is very little build up to the crime that ignites the cluster that follows. Xiao Zhang steals a bag filled with one million yuan. The bag belongs to "Uncle Liu", a feared crime lord and gangster who sends his trusted and ruthless hitman "Skinny" to retrieve his money.

The old adage, "follow the money", comes into play here. Following the money is not as simple as it sounds, as these aren't brilliant criminal minds at work here. In addition to Tarantino, thoughts of the Coen Brothers came to mind, as did the Scorsese gem AFTER HOURS. Xiao Zhang has no heroic or altruistic motives. He simply wants to pay for a re-do of his fiancé's botched plastic surgery. The zaniness around the money involves many colorful participants, each who have their own designs for the bag.

A couple of odd musical interludes involve Shangri-La and some ocean waves, and there is a God vs. Buddha debate that reminds of the infamous Mighty Mouse vs Superman argument in STAND BY ME. The film played well at festivals and at 77 minutes, it's a briskly-paced chase movie that might have benefitted from a bit more humor.

Reviewed by alisonc-17 / 10

Animated Neo-Noir from China

Xiao Zhang is a good kid, but his girlfriend had botched plastic surgery and he needs money to get her another operation, so he robs Uncle Liu, a shady crime boss, of a million yuan. Uncle Liu, unsurprisingly, wants it back, so he sends enforcer/hit-man Skinny on Xiao Zhang's trail, but already things are complicated because other people have stumbled across the young man and know what's in his bag…. This is kind of a modern Chinese animated take on "Pulp Fiction," only told in a brisk 77 minutes, including a hallucinatory scene in which one of the couples after the money sing about moving to "Shangri- La." It's extremely recent, as it includes Trump's first press conference after his election win and references to Brexit, but the sort of gritty, down-on-its-luck industrial town in which the events of this single day take place is quite timeless, and the down-on-their-luck characters respond to "free money" in the way humans have since it was invented. Quirky, odd and inventive; if you get the chance, by all means see it!

Reviewed by kosmasp7 / 10

Bag of .... Problems

A very strange animated movie ... one that you may think you might have seen as an live action movie. But this thriller about greed (for money as you can guess or just the will to survive, as some may call it),is really well made. While it may take a second (or two) to get yourself into the mood of this movie and its many characters and figure out who is who and what their ultimate goal is (although very similar if boiled down),you will be more than entertained with this, no matter if you watch it alone or with a crowd.

I watched it at a film festival, but since it was the midnight screening there weren't that many people. And it doesn't really contain that many "omg" moments, although it does have quite a few outrageous things in it. So be prepared for this, because this was not made for kids (I do hope you don't show it to little children before you check the rating or the reviews) ...

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