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He-Man and She-Ra: A Christmas Special


Action / Adventure / Animation / Family / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

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R.D. Robb Photo
R.D. Robb as Miguel
Alan Oppenheimer Photo
Alan Oppenheimer as Skeletor / Man-At-Arms / Zipper
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Movie Nuttball10 / 10

He-Man and She-Ra is at it again!

This is very good little animated movie of My favorite animated heroes!Though there isn't a ton of Skeletor and Hordak's henchmen but the two big time villains show their stuff quite well!Its really a different He-Man and She-Ra story but if you like them then is a good one to watch!

Reviewed by SnakesOnAnAfricanPlain7 / 10

Perfect fun for 80's kids.

He-Man and She-Ra join forces to stop their respective galleries of rogues, as well as Transformer rip-off villain Horde Prime. After a convoluted way of joining our world with Eternia (not as bad as the live- action movie) a pair of Earth Children are lost over the Christmas season. If they spread the message and joy of Christmas it could ruin Horde Prime's plans. The twins bounce between heroes and villains, before ending up with Skeletor, but surely such an evil villain as he will be immune to the warmth and happiness of Christmas. It's a lot of daft fun that brings in weirdos such as the Manchines. With the mixture of fantasy fairies, sci-fi soldiers, monsters, medieval knights, and giant robots, it's certainly trying to cover all of its toy potential bases. The message really is in the right place, acknowledging that presents can be fun but are not everything, and that not everybody celebrates Christmas. It's the importance of its message that we should focus on. If you're an 80's child, you'll really want to see this.

Reviewed by BabelAlexandria6 / 10

Skeletor Gets the Holiday Spirit

Saw this with my kiddos after we had watched the Netflix remake, so the most enjoyable part was trying to identify the old characters with them. The plot is truly incomprehensible, and, despite the length (almost 45 minutes!) it questions the notion of a Christmas special. Despite the length (almost 45 minutes!),the only holiday elements are a trip to earth, which is covered in snow, and a he-man Santa Claus. It's mostly just an excuse for a rare He-Man/She-Ra crossover. Because of course we need more of those! By far the coolest thing about the story is how Skeletor gets the holiday spirit, saving two kids and their dog from the grinch-like Horde Prime.

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