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Hitler's Secret Tunnels



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by skitungen3 / 10

Interesting but the main guys are annoying

This is somewhat interesting but you shouldn't waste your time because of the "explorers" who doesn't seem to know anything. This documentary makes me believe this was the first time they heard anything about this. I would much rather watch a documentary with the experts and locals that was in the documentary

Reviewed by michaelt-877985 / 10

Sceptical about their finds

It has interesting parts but I don't know about the findings,they happen to find a soldier's armoured cylindrical container, in great condition,within the container a perfect unmarked map and the ink looked fresh,they found this gem under a few bricks,they also Found Nazi coin's at a shallow depth, and their faces didn't look genuine when finding it.

Reviewed by frog051 / 10

This "movie" is full of bull....

If you have any knowledge about history then this movie is like full of stupid stories around some secret nazi stuff.

1. This movie has been cut so that it looks good, at the beginning this 2 guys are in Poland ( as they are talking to each other ) to be exact they are driving on round 8 going down south. But then from the dron shot they are in Germany 2. Project Rise has not been closed for years it is tourist attraction where you buy tickets and go in side. 3. Every aspect of this movie is made like Mike and Luke has discover something that nobody else did, this is total bull.... this all is well know, if you are a tourist in Wroclaw ( capital city of Low Silesia region where Mike and Luke are) you buy a trip and see the Complex Rise, there is a underground tour where you are in a boat. 4. All the abstract theories are made just for some low educated tv audience 5. The CGI showing the "Bell" is showing the "ring" that is holding the "bell" this is the base for water tower, such constructions were very popular in the 1930s and many of them remained in Lower Silesia, you can see them in Wroclaw 6. the narrator is not able to correctly pronounce names that are in Polish. 7.About 1h01min enter the mysterious structure that they discover, it is a total staging. They pump out water because it is changing. In the summer there is no water there, from the car park where you buy tickets is a straight way to get there.

I could write for so long about this "movie", one big staging.

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