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Hold Me Tight

2010 [DANISH]


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Reviewed by TBJCSKCNRRQTreviews8 / 10

"Why are you a whore?", asks the younger brother, unaware of the meaning of the word

Four teenagers, all with their own problems, attending the same class have their lives dramatically change in the course of 24 hours. The reason is jealousy, peer pressure and how isolated from one another kids are. This is tremendously well-acted. I would say that Cukic has a few off moments; this may also be because she is excessively cruel. The characters in this are very neutral(presumably to keep them from becoming so specific that not all audience members can relate to them; this is not to be confused with stereotypical),so in order to create and escalate conflict(something this does not always do convincingly and in a natural manner),they have to behave in ways that don't mesh with what we've seen them be like. Andersen has very expressive eyes, and she uses them well. Keep a look-out for anything else she may appear in. I have heard this described as rather intense, and I disagree; my best guess as to why is that we don't really feel like we know these people. Again, they are too vague. They are developed, though, and we do genuinely sympathize with all of them. Their relations with one another aren't always credible, but the ones between them and their parents are. This is Munk's first feature(I understand his shorts are critically acclaimed),and he does remarkably well. He doesn't overuse the tools at his disposal, in fact, the direction is almost flawless. The use of sound is good, and the use of silence is perfect. There is little music in this, and it isn't manipulative. Instead, it is underplayed. Editing and cinematography are fantastic. Very tight shots, without being excessive in that regard. Yes, the script is the writer of Kollegiet/Room 205; however, he has greatly improved since then. At 75 minutes, this doesn't overstay its welcome, and it doesn't solve everything. Life's troubles aren't taken care of in the space of 90 minutes. There is a lot of disturbing content(including a sort of "fake rape"),as well as a little sexuality, full frontal male nudity and strong language in this. I recommend this to anyone that feel they can handle it. The best of the three recent Danish films that deal with bullying in some capacity, the other two being My Best Enemy and Civilization(Hævnen). 8/10

Reviewed by david-14798 / 10

Impressive movie

Parental guidance needed, but that's where they all fail. Most parents with their own agenda, but those wanting to listen to their kid can't grasp the speed at which eventualities take their own course in the kids' 3G and social media enhanced life.

Four households, the social backgrounds quickly and efficiently described in four different breakfasts. Four teenagers at school, their different attitudes painted by the camera in amazingly beautiful classroom shots. Their friendships, their jealousies, their developing sexual feelings. One lie that tears their world apart.

This movie keeps my mind occupied for days now. Growing up pains never were that harsh, never took their toll that quickly. Parental guidance needed; but in a way that this film can serve many kids to guide their parents into a new world, their nowaday's reality.

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