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Drama / Thriller / Western

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Brian Krause as Robert
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Dallas Page as Lewis
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Mike Markoff as Peter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jwh-6351710 / 10

Gripping Western

This film's plot is gripping and intense, as we watch the family's struggles to survive in the face of overwhelming odds. The outlaws are brutal, and the tension is palpable throughout the film as we wonder whether the family will manage to escape their clutches.

But what really sets this movie apart is the performance of the female characters, particularly the young actress who plays Irene. Her portrayal of a tough, determined girl who is forced to grow up too fast in order to save her family is nothing short of incredible. She is truly the heart and soul of the movie, and her character's journey is both inspiring and moving.

In addition to the excellent acting, "Homestead" also boasts stunning cinematography and an expertly crafted script. The action sequences are thrilling and well-choreographed, and the movie's soundtrack adds to the overall sense of excitement and danger.

Overall, I cannot recommend "Homestead" highly enough. It is a must-see film for anyone who enjoys action-packed Westerns or stories of survival against all odds by strong female characters.

Reviewed by goactiveproductions10 / 10


HOMESTEAD was the reimagining of a classic Western theme with a new twist as the heroine, a young girl, determined to take out the bad guys and save her family!

Shot with wonderful landscapes and cinematography, the movie pulls the viewer in from the very opening scene. A small prairie home set to appear in the middle of nowhere does leave an impression of vulnerability from outside forces!

A very well played cast with much depth and believability of people who felt as they just walked out of the past and onto the screen.

The oppressive nature of the villains sets the tone and raises the bar of terror and peril as the days sunlight dims, while the night brings into play the true evil nature of these deeply disturbed and revengeful men.

This is where the TRUE GRIT of Irene the young girl shines through and the other characters display their well casted and well developed personalities with equally seedy and devilish dialogue interwoven throughout the film!

A great cast and truly believable and authentic acting with a stellar performance of Irene from Betsy Sligh and my personal favorite the evil preacher Ezekiel played by Scot Scurlock and the wicked sermons he distributes to his audience!

Some truly great acting to bring forth the suspense and depth of despair that this family is enduring a must watch to the end!

HOMESTEAD is a hold-onto-your-seat modern Western classic!!!

Reviewed by megan-718709 / 10

the female-led western the world needed!!

Wow- what a stunning western/horror!! Betsy Sligh's acting is incredible and really sets this film apart from every other Western I've seen recently. I loved Brian Krause in Charmed and seeing him take on this Western outlaw was such a hoot!

I've also always known Diamond Dallas Page (DDP) as a pro-wrestler, and for his yoga practice, but WOW can he act.

Overall, this was the new true grit the world needed with an even more fascinating cast of characters. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

I'm a horror buff and try to watch as many indie horror movies as I can, but honestly most of them feel like recycled content, this one didn't. It's pretty obviously lower budget, but fantastic and riveting nonetheless.

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