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House of Inequity



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jjturley9 / 10

A good haunted house thriller

This Australian movie is low budget and I was not expecting much. With that said, it far surpassed my expectations. Considering how many "kids trapped in a haunted house" movies there are, this one still pulled some punches. The production values are high and the acting was also convincing.

On the downside, there were a couple things left unexplained at the end. It seems clear to me that this was intentional, maybe left for the viewer to decide. Also, because of their Aussie accents, I sometimes had to repeat certain sentences.

I would most definitely recommend this movie to anyone who likes this kind of horror movie. I gave it a 9/10 for their effort.

Reviewed by KolobosRexx10 / 10


As a long time horror fan and active seeker of new and interesting horror films always, I am well-versed in horror from all over the world! I As such, Aussie Horror often tends to be edgier and more mean-spirited (in a good way! ) than most American horror. This movie still manages to be pretty surprising and rather unique! The characters are fleshed out just enough for you to feel badly for them, and the gore and kills were well-executed and nasty! Points for not pulling the rug out of the movie with a "happy" ending, and for using the "Leviathan Cross" sigil, even it was not explained! A great first effort!

Reviewed by loathsomethings2 / 10

Is This Movie Worth Your Time?

A spoiler-free review by Loathsome Things: A Horror Movie Podcast

No. No, it is not. You should be able to tell by the time you see sunflowers at a fake dinner table that this movie is not worth your time.

If you're a fan of writing, cinematography, sound design, acting, blocking, set design, make-up effects or production quality, you're right out of luck.

That said, the prop and costume design for this movie is realistic and believable. Almost as if those teams had a shared budget of one Wal Mart gift card.

There's some adequate creepy, yes. The practical effects are hammy (one in particular may have actually been ham),the actors are trying way too hard, and the tone is all off.

This movie could've been mediocre if it'd been made in the 80s. At 40 years late, this is just 100 minutes of content loaded into a syringe and shoved into your eyeball.

That said, I've never made, worked on, or been in a movie. So what do I know?

-Josh from Loathsome Things: A Horror Movie Podcast.

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