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1983 [SPANISH]

Adventure / Fantasy

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Laurene Landon as Hundra
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Woodyanders8 / 10

An excellent and hugely enjoyable feminist variant on "Conan"

Fierce and fearless warrior woman Hundra (a splendidly sassy and spirited portrayal by gorgeous Amazonian blonde goddess Laurene Landon) declares open war on vile and oppressive misogynistic male swine after her whole village gets butchered by a foul horde of guy marauders. Moreover, Hundra must find a worthy man to impregnate her so she can keep the bloodline of her people alive. Ably directed by Matt Cimber, with a clever and witty script by Cimber and frequent collaborator John Goff (the plot basically serves as a nifty metaphor for the many ways men tend to degrade and dominate over women),several stirring and well-staged swordfights, a handy helping of raw and bloody violence (the opening massacre sequence is especially brutal),bright, crisp, glowing widescreen cinematography by John Cabrera, a constant brisk pace, breathtaking Spanish countryside scenery, a decent sprinkling of tasty nudity, a winning sense of tongue-in-cheek humor (at one point Hundra encounters an aggressive face-painted midget on horseback who attacks her with a pitchfork!),and a first-rate rousing'n'robust full-bore orchestral score by the great Ennio Morricone, "Hundra" makes for an immensely fun and satisfying little corker. Neat supporting performances by John Ghaffari as sleazy high priest pimp Nepakin, Ramiro Oliveros as nice, gentle healer Pateray, Maria Casal as obedient and subservient harem girl Tracima, and Tamara as wise elder Chrysula. Best of all, Landon attacks her plumb lead role with tremendously thrilling gusto and passion: Laurene looks simply smashing in her buckskin outfit, wields a truly mean sword, delivers her pro-woman speeches with fiery aplomb, and even performed almost all of her own stunts. A very cool and entertaining romp.

Reviewed by brando6477 / 10

Hundra the Warrior Princess & the Quest to Make Babies

I don't care for the sword-and-sandal fantasy genre that permeated the 80's with movies like the CONAN films and RED SONJA and BEASTMASTER. This was probably because I was only a child with no one to introduce me to them and, growing up, they just looked like live action heavy metal album covers, and I've never gone back to see what I've been missing since. But I've recently stumbled on one that's not half bad. Far from the level of CONAN and its ilk, the low-budget HUNDRA makes up for its flaws with heart and intent. It's set on an alternate world where women are second-class citizens, treated as property or pets. At some point in the past, a band of women broke away from the men-centric society to form a roaming band of nomads that only interact with the world of men when they need to impregnation. Except one member of the tribe, Hundra (Laurene Landon),can't be bothered to contribute a child. She'd rather continue being a warrior/huntress and let her younger sister do all the child-bearing. One fateful day, while Hundra is out on a hunting run, her tribe is attacked by a band of barbarian men who rape and pillage, leaving no survivors. When she returns to find everyone she's ever known and loved slaughtered, Hundra consults an oracle as to how she should proceed. The answer to Hundra's quandary…how she could best avenge her people and such…is to get pregnant. And so Hundra must enter the world of men and find a suitable mate with which to fulfill her destiny.

What I think I enjoy most about HUNDRA is that it feels like a horribly misogynistic film with a main character who didn't get the memo and proceeds to rebel against the script and film itself as the ultimate icon of women empowerment. It would be one thing if the men were just abusive and sexist, but the fact that Hundra's destiny is to find a nice man and get pregnant, and that she's cool with it, means the women don't seem too keen on fighting this imagery. When Hundra first comes face-to-face with Pateray (Ramiro Oliveros),a healer in the city of men where she spends the second half of the film, and he turns her away because he's not the type of dude to randomly sleep with any woman who comes crashing through his roof, her response is to allow herself to get captured and imprisoned in the temple where she knows she'll receive training in proper use of lipstick, eye shadow, and forks. If Pateray won't have her as is, she'll doll herself up and make herself a proper lady. It feels like a major tonal conflict with literally everything else in the movie. I mean, this is the same woman who routinely spits at the very idea of allowing herself to get close to a man and spent a previous scene blowing off some steam by giving a potential rapist the beating of his life. It could just be that I'm having a hard time understanding what it is this movie is attempting to tell me (and, keep in mind, this came out in 1983…it was a different time) and I'm just infinitely amused at how this is the most misogynistic "girl power" film I've ever seen.

This isn't your average low-budget fare either. The production value on this film is actually pretty impressive for what it is. The production design and costuming were commendable. The fight choreography, not so much. Most of the fights were more humorous than heart-pounding, with blows flying slowly and uncoordinated. But we get plenty of them. Hundra is, after all, a warrior. And Laurene Landon is giving it her all, even if her performance is wooden. I think because her heart is in it as much as it is, I found it easier to forgive the fact that she wasn't the greatest actress. Few people in this movie are, with exceptions for Ramiro Oliveros (who was genuinely decent) and Luis Lorenzo (who gave a scene-chewing performance as the high priest's adviser in charge of sex slaves). All combined, I suppose HUNDRA is on par with your average cable TV movie but just a little crazier. HUNDRA was written and directed by Matt Cimber, and I love when low budget movies are written and directed by the same person (bonus points if produced as well) because it means there's a lower chance that someone will stand up to them when things just aren't working. It's how I choose to explain scenes such as Hundra's random battle with a painted dwarf on a pony wielding a pitchfork and Hundra's naked, horseback jaunt along the beach that, again, seemed to serve no purpose other than to increase the film's level of nudity. Cimber thought they'd be iconic scenes and add legitimacy, but they're memorable for the complete opposite reason.

Striving to be more than it is, HUNDRA falls short but manages to entertain in spite (and perhaps in part) of its shortcomings. Of the half dozen Z-grade movies I've treated myself to recently, HUNDRA is probably the only one I'd be willing to acknowledge as genuinely entertaining and not just schlocky fun. The plot's a little stupid, the messages seem confused, and the tones are all over the place (the rapist beatdown is accompanied by music suitable for the sweetest scenes in THE PRINCESS BRIDE) but despite all that, Hundra is a strong female presence in a movie that tries its hardest to whip her in line. Hundra may be destined to get pregnant to save her kind, but she's doing it on her terms. I enjoyed watching her battle against the tyrannical world of men and I'm frankly a little surprised this one doesn't have more of a cult following.

Reviewed by ma-cortes5 / 10

US/Spanish co-production with bloody scenes , spectacular fights , enjoyable score and being filmed in Almeria

Sword-and-Sorcery epic with female lead taking on multiple adventures and fierce battles . Thrilling and stirring movie full of imagination and fantasy that introduces us a brave heroine , female counterpart to Conan , she leads a valiant tribe of women who dares to be free . This is a delightful action/adventure romp set in the Dark Ages , where savage and violent men enslave all women . There appears a valiant warrior woman , her name is Hundra (Laurene Landon) , a Red Sonja-alike , she was born in a tribe of fierce warrior women . Hundra is an archer and sword fighter , whose Amazon tribe was wiped by nasty Vikings in some scenes similarly shot to Conan film . Hundra is superior to any male , woman of beauty , a warrior of strength , a hunter of man . Hundra The Invincible finds her family slain and takes a vow of vendetta until one day she meets her match (Ramiro Oliveros) .

This exciting film packs noisy action , adventure, and rip-roaring fights . Dumb images , unintentionally hilarious and lots of amusement and entertainment . Made on a fairly middling scale with passable set design , glimmer photography and excellent musical score . This entertaining picture contains frenetic action , tension , bloody fights , and moving action scenes , including blood , gore and beheading . The film is full of freaks and bemusing situations ; it is quite entertaining because being a laborious and intriguing adventure tale with some unintentional humor . Sympathetic performance by Laurene Landon as Hundra the Invincible , a valiant woman who has been raised to despise the influence of men , she the finest warrior of her people . Laurene Landon executed almost all of her own stunts in the film , the only stunt she didn't carry out was a backwards fall from a high tower . Agreeable support cast full of Spanish actors such as Maria Casal , Luis Lorenzo and Spaghetti usual as Eduardo Fajardo , Fernando Bilbao and Frank Braña . Although all the dialogue and dubbing for this movie proceeded by nice actors was looped in post-production . Colorful and evocative cinematography by John Cabrera . Very derivative special effects , acceptable production design and matte paintings . Impressive musical score composed and conducted by the master Ennio Morricone . The picture was shot in La Pedriza , Manzanares , Madrid , Texas Hollywood-Fort Bravo, Almeria , Spain and ¨Condor¨ fortress , where was filmed several Spaghetti/Paella Western as ¨ Blind man, Massacre at Fort Holman¨, ¨A man called Noon¨ , ¨El Condor¨ and ¨Conan the Barbarian¨ .

The motion picture was middlingly directed by Matt Cimber . He has directed all kind of genres , in the mid 70s did three immensely enjoyable blaxploitation pictures : The Black Six (1973) , Lady Cocoa (1975) and the terrifically trashy The Candy Tangerine Man (1975) . Matt made a rare foray into the horror genre with the disturbing psychological shocker The Witch Who Came from the Sea (1976) . His next work was based on a Mario Puzo story, a World War II drama A Time to die (1982) starring Rex Harrison and Rod Taylor . Later that year Matt teamed up with Pia Zadora for two films : the underrated Butterfly (1982 ) , Orson Welles last film , and the fun Fake-out (1982) . The following year Matt joined forces with actress Laurene Landon for Hundra (1983) and Yellow Hair & the Pecos Kid (1984) , both of them being shot in Spain with similar cast and technicians . The film will appeal to adventure buffs with enough action to make it worth looking in on . In other words , it seem likely Conan enthusiasts and juvenile viewers will be delighted because thrills, action and adventures are regularly presented and edited to offer the enough impact . Rating : 5,5 ; it's an old-fashioned B film on an acceptable scale and basically enjoyable because of it.

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