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I rymden finns inga känslor

2010 [SWEDISH]

Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Bill Skarsgård as Simon
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JvH488 / 10

Insightful film about Asperger syndrome, mixed with a lot of humor to make this film acceptable for the average viewer

I saw this film at Noordelijk Filmfestival 2011 (in Leeuwarden, province of Friesland NL). I was a bit reluctant at first to book this film, as I feared some uncomfortable moments where you feel you can't bear to watch any further. But I stand corrected.

The first half gives us an insightful view into the lives of people dealing with Asperger, including the problems faced by family and friends. A nice touch were the mnemonic diagrams we saw projected on screen, obviously an internal aid for Simon in deriving someone's mood from his facial expression. Most "normal" people don't need such lists, but requiring such is a genuine characteristic of this syndrome.

A lot of humor is interwoven in the script. It offers many moments of relief for us (the audience). That is definitely a positive side of this film. On the other hand, I suspect several things to be simplified too much. People dealing with Asperger syndrome in the real world, may see many flaws and impossibilities, most of which we (as bystanders) are bound to overlook.

The role of the parents is sketchy but believable, and it is clear that they are at their wits end in dealing with Simon. The only one who can cope with the various difficult situations we witness on screen, is his brother, who can get him back from the imaginary rocket he climbs in when wanting to escape from a situation he cannot deal with. The girl friend of this brother can cope for only a short period, and leaving is the only logical solution for her. But for Simon it is a disastrous move as it breaks down the duty roster with daily household tasks, hence needing a solution forthwith.

A considerable part of the film is devoted in finding a new girl friend for this brother, leading to all sorts of hilarious situations, between the lines illustrating how Asperger patients think. We see Simon translating the girl hunt into an algebraic exercise. He takes the good and bad features his brother mentioned about his ex-girl, much too literal when composing a score card to be used when interviewing possible candidates. Later on, his brother shows that opposites attract (beautifully demonstrated with two magnets),and Simon adjusts the search protocol accordingly.

I was a bit disappointed with the feel good scenes at the end, where Simon went to a lot of trouble while organizing a romantic dinner for this brother. I truly believe that someone like Simon can think of the necessary preparations to get this off the ground, since planning ahead is Standard Operating Procedure for him. But involving and motivating several helpers he needs, is a bit far-fetched. Even worse, it seems impossible for someone with his handicap to deal with complications and unexpected problems that cannot be avoided with such an undertaking.

All in all, the insight it gave us in the minds of people like Simon, is an important feature of this film. In many aspects it does remind us of Jim Parsons aka Dr. Sheldon Cooper and his tendency towards rigorous routines and protocols. On the other hand, I suspect some simplifications about Asperger patients in interaction with their family and friends, and also in his apparent success in organizing the romantic dinner for this brother. I scored a 4 (out of 5) for the audience award when leaving the theater.

Reviewed by pemer7 / 10

Nice feel good movie!

It is a warm feel good movie, but it is worth noted that is has divided the Swedish Asperger community in half. Since Simon is fairly exaggerated and has every possible Asperger's trait most of us do regard him at almost a pure autistic level. At least almost.

Many who don't recognize him at all in themselves have claimed to outright hate the movie, and fear that it will contribute even more to spread erratic views on what Asperger's is and what can be expected from an aspie, based on some of the more not so nice things Simon do in the movie to complete strangers.

Myself, I agree on that the picturing of Asperger's in the movie follows a trend these days that only the aspies with very obvious treats of the syndrome are the ones shown in media instances, while most of us aspies in real life do look fairly normal to the surrounding world and are very used to hear "Oh, do you have Asperger's syndrome? I would never have thought so!" every so often.

On the other hand, there is another character in the movie, who feels very much more like a fairly normal aspie of the kind I know and have met a couple of hundred of in real life... - someone who rambles on and on in a couple of scenes about his special interest without even being quite sure anyone is listening.

And I have met aspies with each and every one of Simon's AS traits, just not ever all of them at the same time, nor so many of them. I would not say that an Aspergers's diagnose on someone like Simon would be outright plain wrong. It is a wide spectrum! All this being said, the movie is a warm and nice story about the love between two brothers. An aspie or someone else with knowledge should be prepared for maybe not liking the portrayal of the syndrome.

And Cecilia Forss is outstanding in the role of Jennifer!

Reviewed by pseudonyman10 / 10

Spectacular and a must-see!

I just got back from watching it. Just wanted to pop in to say that if you're on the fence about whether to watch this movie or not: Watch it!

I'm generally not a huge fan of Swedish movies as they tend to be quite similar and somewhat thin in terms of plot and characters (huge generalization I know, bear with me),but I absolutely fell in love with this movie. It feels like a breath of fresh air in the Swedish film-industry, and leaves you feeling joyful and amazed. It's funny and sweet but not overly so, and every single character in it felt utterly real and believable to me. Great acting throughout, not least by the young Bill Skarsgård who really brought Simon to life and awoke sympathies and fondness from the audience.

Writing and direction managed to perfectly balance humor and seriousness, and to make us see the world from Simons point of view so that no action or event seemed out of place or uncalled for. I also feel that the movie portrayed Aspergers accurately, and managed to make it key to every event without exaggeration or ridicule. I predict greatness for this film.

I'm no expert, and these are my views only. I'm guessing someone else here will give a more in-depth review in time, but for now I hope I have convinced you to watch it if you get a chance. It really is worth it!

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