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Ice Cream and the Sound of Raindrops



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Reviewed by JJthebat8 / 10


This is quite the unique film we have here, and i feel like even if you don't really like it (i did),you can't deny that it will likely stay with you for a while.

Technically speaking, this film is wonderful. While it may not seem as impressive as a Birdman or Victoria (at least comparing them to "one take gimmick"),it is still an insane piece of filmmaking. The camera work, which is mostly handheld, adds to the chaos and energy of the film. The acting is purposely melodramatic and exagerated, which makes it more difficult to figure out what's real and what isn't, which is obviously what the film is trying to do. The sense of time and reality is such an intentional confusing mistery that it makes you feel just as lost as the characters and, potentionally, the filmmakers.

The music is something that i'm still not sure what my thoughts are. At first glance it just looks so ridiculous, annoying, and some might say even pretentious. However, it strangely fits into the film, and it just might be a nod to how ancient theater used singers to explain the characters feelings. At least that how i see it.

Over all, this is a must watch for any Japan-film fans and even something to recommend to film fans in general, although i can definitely see someone not enjoying it, as it's really out there.

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