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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stojiljkovic-filip2-137-9879455 / 10

A seemingly interesting idea whose execution is deeply flawed

This is one of the films i have chosen to see from FEST 18 in Belgrade. The idea of this movie seemed interesting to me, thus making my decision to see it.

'Involution', an english language European film directed by a Russian director/cinematographer Pavel Khvaleev, backed up by German production, unfolds an apocalyptic story where the entire world turns back on Darwin's theory on Evolution. The main leads, Hamming and Liv, a couple witnessing their future turn on its head and must save themselves from this apocalypse.

Honestly, i thought it wasn't that bad, yet it could've been done a lot better. It is not an easy task to make a challenging movie under a tight budget. The acting is rather cheesy, forced and cartoonish (especially the Cain character). The plot in some parts did not make any sense. However, the cinematography is absolutely stunning, especially in the dream sequences.

I would give this movie 5/10. Again, it wasn't bad but it wasn't great. It could've done better.

Reviewed by Rickinator697 / 10

Involution needs recognition

Involution was dystopian and really well done, beautifully photographed and different than most things that come along. And the crazy dude was awesome. If you like an ounce of depth, check this director out.

Reviewed by kosmasp6 / 10

Not Evolution then?

Let's be clear: this will drive you crazy. Well it is very likely to do just that. But it looks so good while it does that. For an independent movie looks quite amazing. I don't think I got everything, but then again judging from the reviews and ratings here, I guess I was not alone with that sentiment, quite the opposite is the clear case with this movie.

Of course that can also be frustrating and I totally would understand if that is the case with anyone watching this. This is not easy at all ... and it may not make sense even after a second or more viewings ... but I got some love for independent movies, especially if they are as weird but still done with a lot of talent and heart. And that is the case here ... the actors also do their best, even in the gruesome and violent scenes. This is quite mad ... maybe too mad for you?

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