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Job, czyli ostatnia szara komórka

2006 [POLISH]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kraskish8 / 10

by a Polish guy

The movie is a comedy, truly funny for open-minded people, who are ready to step out the hollywoodian standard as this is independent, maybe strange, but Polish movie.

It describes normal life of 3 main polish friends, living in a typically Polish scenario, block area (Poland has the most blocks in % in Europe thanks to Soviet Union) and related to its topics: hatred towards noisy, talking your back neighbours, a junkie, rednecks coming to town, learning English, Russians and Asians in our society and much more.

Plot is not in the main focus, there is a link interrupted with some funny cut scenes. The plot is surprising, free and spontaneous Id say, polish style (believe I watch polish movies Im polish). The movie is well-edited.

I'd only recommend this movie to people who are a bit into Polish culture (where is it in the world etc) and want to know more.

Reviewed by filmIgnorant2 / 10

Form over content?

Yes, I know, it's supposed to be a comedy. Still, I cannot quite understand what the message of this film is, if any. Perhaps it's only meant to offer us a glimpse into the mundane lives of the three characters, entertaining us with a plethora of often unrelated humorous vignettes.

The packaging of the film is flawless: it is well edited and very well photographed. It entertains on the outside, but in my opinion fails to go further and actually evoke more than a few chuckles. I was confused about the direction of the plot (actually, its absence) and I felt it was only meant to make us laugh .... and only that. The fragmentation of the film never gives us a chance to connect with the characters and so after a while they just become idle players of this feature length comic skit.

Perhaps one should be a little more versed in the current (and past) social and political aspects of contemporary Poland to be able to relate to this film on a deeper level.

An OK video rental on a boring weekend evening.

Reviewed by evefw91310 / 10

Ridiculous and Amazing!

I'll admit, this isn't a film for everybody. However, if this is your type of humor, you'll love it. It has a very dry and ridiculous comedic tone to it. People complain that there is not point or plot to the movie, sure this is true, but that's not what they were going for in making it. They wanted a string of little plots that bounce back and forth that make you laugh. I adore this movie and watch it all the time. I guess this is simply my type of humor.

I will note that the English subtitles, although they're pretty good, don't fully express puns and specific connotations of words. So while you can watch it this way, there may be jokes here and there that don't make sense to you.

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