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Just Add Love


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Laura Mitchell as April Meyer
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Brad Johnson as Rob
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pattyrusciano5 / 10

Another slow one

Initially attracted to it for setting in Italy and cooking topic. And it was beautifully set in Italy, wish I could find out where, but the story was just blah. The actors were ok given that they did not have much to work with. The story lacked interest, no build up, no twist, no chemistry, nothing to draw you in and want to know more. Her character was a blah cook so how were we supposed to believe she could be successful, and why would he think he could successful in Italy too? The lead male didn't have a lead quality, not enough charisma, would be better as the leafs friend. And the female lead had no spark either. A very tally movie but with little interesting content. I would have turned it off if I had not paid for it and I did enjoy visiting Italy.

Reviewed by hallmarkmov4 / 10

Beautiful location, bad plot

Have to give the writers credit for incorporating social media into the typical book writer storyline but the plot was just blah. It's such a beautiful setting and it could not save it. The only good actor was the uncle, the main characters were very boring. The story started off very strange. I thought the girl was Italian cause why else would she randomly say she has relatives in Italy and turns out to be just one uncle who moved there for work? No one else. No actual Italian roots? I've seen the main actress in a few movies and she's exactly the same in every single one. The girl was naive and aloof, the guy with the fake Italian accent randomly offering to help her with her cooking. He was right that without him none of her posts would have happened, but are we really to believe some "top" restaurant would offer her a chef job based on posts of table settings and trees? I'm hoping a restaurant owner would need to taste her food first? Any Instagramer can post pics of tomatoes and fish. She didn't even offer paying for the broken down car repairs as the trip was her fault. There were some random b storylines like the parents always arguing so it may have deterred the uncle from getting married? But then it turned out not to be true. And in another twist this constant arguing is why the girl learned to cook because the parents would be at peace instead of arguing when eating. The pace of the movie was very slow. Wished they showed more of Italy.

Reviewed by deskisamess1 / 10

Really really bad

This new offering of GAF is a snooze fest from beginning to end. April, played by Laura Mitchell, is a wanna-be healthy food blogger/cook. She makes one healthy brownie recipe that is popular on social media, and we are supposed to believe this has garnered her a cook book contract with a publishing company. The trouble is, all of her other recipes are failing with the test groups, so April jets off to Italy, for some inspiration.

She stays with her uncle, played by Scott Christopher, the one bright spot in the entire movie. She meets a tour guide, played by Brad Johnson, who seems much older than April. After losing the ridiculous fake Italian accent, we find out he is a chef in search of a kitchen to cook in.

The plot is boring, the dialog is boring, the acting is stiff, the premise unbelievable. The two lead characters have zero chemistry, they are more like uncle and niece and just don't work as a couple. The movie is a colossal waste of time, there isn't nearly enough screen time for Scott Christopher to save this drek.

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