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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mariscrandall10 / 10

A great movie

The movie has great pace and energy. It flies by and keeps the viewer engaged.

It is emotional, especially for someone who is connected to the country and the era, but not only. The times before Estonia regaining independence in 1991 were difficult and it is shown well in the film, as well as the situation in Lithuania and Latvia.

The movie created the historical accuracy well, using Soviet architecture, clothing, other items. Also, the use of accurate language, Russian, Estonian, English, makes it realistic.

Acting was very good, Mait Malmsten, Priit Võigemast and Reimo Sagor are superb in their roles.

It is interesting how difficult topics are handled, like hatred towards the occupying Russians while one of them is part of the Kalev team or when Estonians show disgust towards the team participating in the Soviet tournament. The Kalev coach said: It is people who play sports, not nationalities. So true, but sadly not as simple as we want it to be.

The movie is of great importance, especially now when Russia is still trying to recreate Soviet Union and is attacking Ukraine.

Overall definitely worth the watch.

Reviewed by brentsbulletinboard7 / 10

A Solid Piece of Filmmaking

Sports dramas - especially those where the athletes are competing under trying conditions - have become a staple in the movie industry over the past few decades. They all tend to follow a fairly standard formula in which underdog competitors aspire to greatness while wrestling with ancillary challenges that threaten to derail their efforts, divert their focus and force them into difficult choices. These pictures also feature common themes like inspiration, tenacity and the virtues of teamwork. And we all know the outcomes of these pictures going in, so their conclusions rarely, if ever, come as a surprise; the suspense is in watching how our heroes overcome their ordeals and reach their destinations. Such is the stuff of the latest offering in this genre, "Kalev," the fact-based story of the Estonian national basketball team in its 1990-91 bid to win what would be the final USSR Basketball Championship before Estonia declared independence from a Soviet Union that would collapse not long thereafter. Writer-director Ove Musting successfully hits all the right (i.e., expected) notes and throws in a few delicious unanticipated twists in this feature film debut, an economically told and edited offering that moves along at a refreshingly brisk pace, punctuated with stirring re-created game sequences that make viewers feel like they're right in the middle of the action. While the narrative and screenplay might have benefitted from a little more originality, that's a minor concern in the overall scheme of things given how many aspects it gets right. Die-hard sports fans (particularly basketball lovers) will surely enjoy this one while learning a little more about the inner workings of Soviet politics and the fates of the courageous Baltic republics (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania) that led the charge in breaking free from the oppressive rule they were forced to live under for decades. Here's to the winners!

Reviewed by andre-kaibald7 / 10

Not as good as critics think

The film is well-paced and time flies quickly, but it remained simple and a bit superficial for me.

I loved that film was historically with its Soviet architecture, clothes and people values. Also the dramatic events related to the re-independence of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania are well conveyed, which is very relevant against the background of the current war in Ukraine.

However, everything was not as nice as I expected: I didn't like the fact that the tension of the basketball competition situation did not really arise, at least for the basketball player it was quite superficial and I didn't get the feeling that I was watching a real competition.

It was also surprising why Tiit Sokk as one of the game leaders was practically not covered. There is not even one dialogue in the film.

The acting was very good, especially Mait Malmsten, Priit Voigemast and Reimo Sagor.

Overall, the movie is worth watching, but definitely not as good as the critics have reported so far, and because of all the above, I can't give it more than 6-7 stars.

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