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Kathal: A Jackfruit Mystery

2023 [HINDI]

Comedy / Crime / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright60%
IMDb Rating6.8101748

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Sanya Malhotra Photo
Sanya Malhotra as Mahima Basor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tbhuyan568 / 10

A Good Political and Social Satire

A really good social and political satire. It was also quite refreshing to see the traditional roles and power dynamics being reversed as well. Usually in an Indian crime movie it is usually a male protagonist in a position of power while the female characters just play second fiddle or at best a good sidekick; but Kathal reverses this whole power dynamic that is traditionally seen in a mainstream Indian movie.

It also provides a commentary on the caste dynamics that is still a major part of rural India.

Kathal is a silly comedy mystery but at the same time it does provide a biting social commentary.

Reviewed by bhawanajuyal10 / 10

Heavy topic executed light heartedly.

This movie is so good. It tackles a serious subject with so much ease and laughter. The language, relationship of police with each other and with politicians, whole ambience of this movie was very relatable and felt real. Most of all the comedy and the end scene reminded me of movies like hera pheri or welcome. I commend the writers and director Yashowardhan Mishra and Ashok Mishra for bringing back comedy genre at its finest. I wasn't bored one bit. It handled so many big topics without making you feel heavy yet still nodding your head at the unfortunate reality of our society. Whole cast did an amazing job. I was thoroughly entertained. Congratulations!

Reviewed by contactfilmibatein10 / 10

Why Kathal is Underrated?

Kathal: A Jackfruit Mystery is marketed as a typical Comedy movie and I think there should be two sides of marketing this movie, One which should be primary is how due to Political Power the Time and Energy of Police is misused rather Solving other existing problems, and to the critics, this movie is not just an other comedy movie but this "Creative piece of Art" has enlighten great topics like Racial Discrimination of Caste and Gender, and highlighted how Political power should not be misused. Thanks to the team for bringing this movie, and I am unhappy with the marketing team. I rate it 8/10.

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