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La chasse aux papillons

1992 [FRENCH]


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Reviewed by tempera528 / 10

A Quiet Masterpiece

This one of the few movies I've seen that improves with each viewing (4, in my case). It is enigmatic and subtle, but manages to be entertaining and, at times, laugh out loud funny. The acting is superb (particularly the "busy old lady" as the previous poster calls her) and the cinematography first-rate. Iosseliani manages to lampoon both European capitalism and his own Russian culture but he does so in a gentle, almost loving manner. I hate to see this film slide into obscurity; it is an important work with a timeless and relevant message. A feast for the eyes and the soul. I want to advertise it on a blinking billboard, but Iosseliani would probably wag his finger at me... Should be watched with a glass of fine wine.

Reviewed by heikever10 / 10


I find it very hard to put my admiration for this movie and its director into words. It's one of those rare films that stick in your mind forever. The characters are seen from a distance, as if through the wrong end of a telescope, and the story does not rely on dialogue, or drama. The effect reminds me of Jaques Tati's work. The story is treated with warmth, mild irony, and a keen eye for detail, yet it's hard to pinpoint it as a "story".

"History" might be a better word; the director's point of view is that of an empathic historian. An exploding train is just that: "the train exploded". Russian households are characterized by doors swinging open and drunken husbands being thrown out. The full moon, shining bright, is covered in clouds. My favorite character is the busy old lady.

Please go see this film on video, and tell your friends about it if it pleases you.

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