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L'amour braque

1985 [FRENCH]

Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Tchéky Karyo as Micky
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Thorsten_B9 / 10

Eclipse of Reason

Indescribable. Zulawskis rendition of Dostojewski steps over the borders. This is surreal theater from it's most outside, most avant-garde, and yes, it's most autonomous perspective. The viewer is entertained, no doubt; and everything he sees is staged for his entertainment; but never is there a doubt that this is a form art that lives beyond the category of entertainment. To prove that such an art is possible, Zulawski makes his actors transform into lifeless figures that recite paradox phrases; and with that, he makes them the vulnerable animals that people really are, behind their masks. If you look at the dark sides, you can also find innocence, but you won't find reason or rationality – only sheer emotion, usually struggling with one's minds rational side, but the latter is entirely lost here. Still, the protagonists find ways to give their lives a philosophical fundament, and they spent the whole of the film arguing about them, thereby feeling pain, enduring humiliation, reaching for freedom. Harshly uncompromising, ever unforgettable.

Reviewed by bombersflyup1 / 10


L'amour braque is clowning around theatrical twaddle throughout.

Horrible and weird, with all deranged and unlikable characters. Marceau's nice, but her scenes not handled well either.

Reviewed by Dave_douell4 / 10

Not for everyone

The plot is really very simple but the dialogue is completely nonsensical!! It's as if every character has had a stroke and can't put together a simple sentence. You could almost get as much out of the movie if you muted it all the way through. The style reminds me of "A Clockwork Orange" with the hyperactive characters, only more difficult to understand the dialogue. I had to add this movie to my collection solely for the incredible Sophie Marceau. As usual we get to see plenty of skin from one of the most beautiful and sexy women ever on film. She is truly a work of art in my opinion, every flawless inch! Dostoyevsky is my favorite author, but I'm not too sure he would want to be credited with this film.

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