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Last Sentinel


Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Kate Bosworth Photo
Kate Bosworth as Cassidy
Martin McCann Photo
Martin McCann as Baines
Thomas Kretschmann Photo
Thomas Kretschmann as Hendrichs
Lucien Laviscount Photo
Lucien Laviscount as Sullivan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adrenachrome8 / 10

An interesting cross-genre drama

I have been following the development of this film for several years. I love films set in isolated areas that force the characters to confront unknown dangers.

While this film is set in the far off future of 2063, it's not really a science fiction film.

What it is, is a character study of four military personnel overdue for relief by several months. Supplies (food mainly) are running low, the station situated in the middle of an ocean, is falling apart, and naturally tensions are high.

Then their relief boat is found drifting without power and crew, and that's when everything really starts to hit the fan. I don't wish to spoil any further details, so I'll state simply that the character development really is well done. We start with four people and by the end feel for their plights and what happens to them. Each one shows growth and has a backstory that is (mostly) logical relevant for the movie. For what is effectively a "low budget" affair, it's surprisingly well written, and directed. The cinematography is top notch (again, for a "B" film) and the actors are a good fit for their roles.

During my initial interest in the film, I had expected something along the lines of "Outpost" or "The Bunker", military supernatural films. As more was revealed I thought it would be a mystery film. While there is some mystery, it's more of a drama, and you know what? That was okay by me. I was pleasantly surprised.


Reviewed by mats-volberg6 / 10

It's decent

If you have seen enough movies then none of the "twists" or "reveals" really shock or surprise you. There are enough clues and context to figure all of them out.

Also, if you have seen enough movies then there are moments when it seems that the movie is going out of their way to make sure you absorbed some info. For example the opening on screen text tells us a bunch of facts and pretty much in the first scene the characters go over that very same information again. Or in another instance there is just enough meaningful looks to figure out what a character has done, but for some reason the move feels the need to state it out loud.

That being said, it is still an interesting thriller set in a closed location. And it provides some food for thought on following orders, survival etc.

Reviewed by wlevyiii3 / 10

Just can't trust IMDB raters anymore

6.7?!? Great acting but the MOST boring movie ever! I give it a 3 at best. How anyone can say this was anything but boring is amazing.

I've seen every movie there is from the 1950s through present and there is nothing here beyond the acting. Story is stupid and undeveloped. You really have zero clue what the heck is happening the entire movie.

Casting the captain is a dead giveaway as what other role has this dude EVER played?

I don't have another 100 characters off stuff to say but this BS rule makes me keep going...

Bottomline unless you are into a 109% dialogue ZERO action flick, don't waste your money

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