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Le gagnant

1979 [FRENCH]


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Stéphane Audran Photo
Stéphane Audran as Hélène Dupré-Granval
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Reviewed by dbdumonteil1 / 10

No cigar ,and not even close.


There were harsh words said about this hopeless flick in "La Saison Cinematographique 1979-80" and I can find little fault in the opinion expressed;considering its low rating on this site,the IMDb users agree.

Christian Gion in one of the cheesiest directors of the French eighties/nineties,disguising his coarse comedies as would be social satires .

For instance ,"Le Gagnant" depicts the French (?) infatuation for the national lottery "it's easy,it's cheap,and it can bring you a lot!"So almost all the scenes,but some "romantic love scenes between a plumber -who looks more like a young trendy cat- and a bourgeois girl,played by two bland "actors" ,revolve around a single subject :to win on the lottery: in the cafés,the banks,the hero's parents' home .... even during his maths evening classes,the teacher gives an improbable course on probability (to win of course!).I dare you to laugh once,cause there is not a single good gag in the whole screenplay.To look trendy,the director included nightclub scenes with horrible disco music ;during the young plumber's frames of mind,a "poetic" "tuneful" score is heard.

I watched it for the one and only reason that Stephane Audran was in it:why this clever actress got involved in that business is beyond me.

The title is a misnomer:the hero may be the winner,but the viewer is the loser for sure!


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