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Leningrad Cowboys Go America


Comedy / Music

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Jim Jarmusch as Car Dealer / New York
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by enicholson9 / 10

"Have you ever heard of rock and roll?...Study 'dis book!"

This is without question one of the greatest rock and roll movies ever made. It's sort of THE BLUES BROTHERS meets STROSZEK with some MOSCOW ON THE HUDSON thrown in. Aki Kaurismaki has to be admired for making this gutsy and crazy film. There is not much of the European "art film" here, nor is there any real serious social commentary or aesthetic stunts underneath the comedy here either. There is also no condescension toward America or Americans. In fact there is a wide-eyed, dreamy fondness for America, especially its messy landscapes that hug the interstates and its simple, likable working-classes (but definitely not its prick cops). Here we get to meet the immensely likable dreams, music and attire of the Leningrad Cowboys, the misunderstood, maligned, salt of the earth band that comes to America to live out its rock and roll dream. Personally, I simply admire the actors for driving around the American South wearing those fantastic mullet pompadour quiffs and pointy shoes. That takes guts.

Kaurismaki has a special fondness for characters with big dreams but little or misunderstood talent, who can scrape up just enough cash just get by. Here, as in his another of his great comedies, LA VIE DE BOHEME, there are some characters who are unambiguously untalented (in LENINGRAD COWBOYS: the singers; in LA VIE DE BOHEME: the composer) and there are some characters who have some or much, but quirky, or misunderstood talent (in LENINGRAD COWBOYS: the band; in LA VIE DE BOHEME: the painter). All of the performers and artists are immensely likable and amusing and their patrons and audience are just as suspect as they are in their taste, but great to be around nonetheless. Moreover, their detractors are cold, a-hole jerks.

Jim Jarmusch makes a funny cameo as a used car salesman. Matti Pellonpää, probably Kaurismaki's favorite actor, is hilarious as Vladimir, the band's beer slugging, tyrannical manager. I love the scene early in the film where he meets with the New York "cousin" of the Finnish talent scout (who also, by the way, has a "cousin" in Mexico). When the New York band booker tells Vladimir that he needs to hear the band play, Vladimir says, "Is that necessary?"

Anyone who loves rock and roll comedies, weird hairstyles and movies about little people with big dreams need to see this film. If you like Kaurismaki films then you may or may not like this film, depending on how square you are. I say check it out. I think it's one of the funniest films I've ever seen. But then again I have had some crazy hairstyles too.

Reviewed by MaxBorg8910 / 10

Ever heard of rock & roll? Study this movie!

Has anyone ever heard of a Finnish rock band called Leningrad Cowboys? No? Then here's a great chance of catching up with a piece of music history. Jokes apart, this is a very clever and funny film chronicling the Cowboys'slow, excruciating journey towards success.

It all begins in the Siberian countryside, where the musicians are trying to impress a potential producer. Sadly (for them),this guy states the obvious about their work: "It's sh*t". Hence the guys'need to go somewhere else. More precisely, the USA. Led by the ruthless manager Vladimir (Matti Pellonpää),the Cowboys try to export their music and look (Pulp Fiction-style suits, absurdly long tufts and matching boots). Not an easy task, as their efforts are way too unconventional for the yanks. "You know Mexico? Go there. My cousin's getting married. He could need people like you". And so the journey continues in a second-choice car (don't miss Jim Jarmusch's cameo as the salesman) and under miserable circumstances. Only Vladimir seems to be enjoying himself. The other band-members have to cope with his dictatorial manners. Well, except for one Cowboy (Silu Seppälä) "travelling" on the car roof (you see, he froze to death at the beginning of the film),and Igor (Kari Väänänen),the village idiot who's following the group in the desperate hope of joining them (he was rejected because his hair isn't long enough).

A lot of things happen in this film, some on the brink of credibility, and to reveal them in advance would be a serious offense on my behalf. Suffice to say that this is one of the funniest films ever made: after four movies in which he dealt with various sides of Finnish society, mostly poor, Aki Kaurismäki decided to tell a different kind of story, featuring the "worst rock band in the world" (their words, of course). The result is a wildly inventive, often politically incorrect, always hilarious musical comedy.

Trust me: this is one odyssey worth watching.

Reviewed by colonelrobert10 / 10

We were in the movie.

My wife Irene, and myself, (Robert Morris) owned "The Lonesome Bar" in Memphis where part of the movie was shot. This is where they performed "Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay" and my buddy, George Kunkle played the banjo and sang one of his songs. The barber was Bill Robertson, who was a real barber next door to the bar. He passed away shortly after the film came out, but it allowed him to sing in a international film.

The whole cast and crew was wonderful! We played pool and got drunk every night after shooting. One night we sat on the curb out front and took turns picking and singing our favorite songs. That was a experience I will never forget.

We hope you like the movie, as we will never forget it.

Colonel Robert morris

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