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Lilo & Stitch


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Drama / Family / Fantasy / Music / Sci-Fi

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Tia Carrere Photo
Tia Carrere as Nani
Daveigh Chase Photo
Daveigh Chase as Lilo
Ving Rhames Photo
Ving Rhames as Cobra Bubbles
Kevin Michael Richardson Photo
Kevin Michael Richardson as Captain Gantu
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MartinHafer7 / 10

This one is almost strictly for the kids

This is a nice, pleasant movie and a heck of a lot better than many recent Disney cartoons (such as POCAHONTAS, HUNCHBACK and HERCULES). Most of the reason it's pretty likable is the film's sense of humor and light touch. However, at the same time, this film is targeting kids and perhaps teens and seems to make no attempt to hook adults. While some adults surely liked the film, it's hard to imagine many of them who preferred this to the many other wonderful Disney full-length cartoons. LILO AND STICH is just too inconsequential and light to ever compare to LITTLE MERMAID, BAMBI, PINOCCHIO and especially BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Now this is not meant as serious criticism--just explaining who the intended audience is and who will most likely like the film. My kids (one of which was a teen) loved it and I felt like I was just there for the ride. Inoffensive to adults and full of silly hi-jinx that the kids will no doubt love.

Reviewed by jboothmillard6 / 10

Lilo & Stitch

I remember seeing this Disney movie when I was taken to see it at the cinema when I was younger, only bits and pieces stuck in my memory, so I was glad to watch it again when I was grown up and judge it properly. Basically in a galaxy far, far away, ruthless alien scientist Dr. Jumba Jookiba (David Ogden Stiers) has been brought before the Grand Council of the Galactic Federation, having created an illegal potentially dangerous experiment, a strong, intelligent, nearly indestructible and aggressive being called Experiment #626 (Chris Sanders),its only weakness seems to be his high density body making swimming in water impossible. The scientist is sentenced to jail, while the experiment is to be transported to an prison asteroid, but it escapes from Captain Gantu (Kevin Michael Richardson) who was supposed to deliver him, in a stolen police cruiser the experimental creature crash lands on the planet Earth. Stranded in Hawaii, Experiment #626 cannot do much harm, as water surrounds the island, there are no big cities, and Dr. Jookiba and Earth expert Pleakley (Kevin McDonald) are hot on his trail. Experiment #626 impersonates a dog and finds himself in a pet shelter, he is adopted by little girl Lilo (Spirited Away's Daveigh Chase) and given the name "Stitch", as time goes by time with Lilo causes the creature to develop an emotional development. Lilo is part of a dysfunctional family, she lives with her older sister Nani (True Lies' Tia Carrere),they are about to be ripped apart by social worker Cobra Bubbles (Pulp Fiction's Ving Rhames) who is concerned Nani is not capable of caring for her younger sister. Dr. Jookiba and Pleakley are not able to get close to Stitch, as they have been warned that humans are not to be harmed and the Earth is full of endangered creatures, so Lilo continues to bond with Stitch as her pet, and her are slowly rekindled, with a little help from Nani's surfer boyfriend David Kawena (Jason Scott Lee). Eventually Stitch is discovered to be an alien creature by the humans, most of their immediate reaction is fear, and when Captain Gantu attempts to capture Stitch, Lilo is intentionally taken in his place, but Jumba and Pleakley help Stitch to save her. In the end the Grand Councilwoman (Zoe Caldwell) comes to Earth planning to take Stitch into custody, however Lilo proves that Stitch is her legal property, she therefore decrees that he will exiled to Earth, and she recognises Cobra as a former CIA agent from years ago, telling him to keep an eye of them, and Jumba and Pleakley become members of Lilo and Stitch's restored family as well. Youngster Lilo is likable, and the supporting characters are good too, but it is at first aggressive later cute and naughty extraterrestrial Stitch that obviously steals the show, accompanied by a catchy soundtrack, including Elvis Presley songs, and pushing messages of multicultural equality and tolerance this quirky film mixes the family drama, slapstick laughs and pacy action, the result is a fun and colourful animated science-fiction comedy. It was nominated the Oscar for Best Animated Feature. Good!

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird8 / 10

One thing I've learnt while watching this movie-NEVER judge a film by its trailer!

I don't know why the animators decided to use the ballroom scene from Beauty and the Beast to advertise the film. It did put me off seeing it, but when I eventually decided to do so, I am glad I did. I thought Lilo and Stitch a warm and entertaining film, with beautiful animation with the Hawiian coast. The characters were engaging and funny, especially Jumbaa(wonderful voice work from David Ogden Stiers, in fact all the voice work was terrific, the other standout being Tia Carrere) and Pleakley. Their scenes were hilarious, like Pleakley getting bitten by mosquitoes. This is all helped by a superb script, that mixes hilarious and poignant brilliantly. The music is lovely and quite nostalgic. I thought I would never say that, but it honestly does add to the sense of fun. Both Lilo and Stitch are engaging, and there are plenty of bonding scenes with them together, that makes the film often moving(I was genuinely touched by Lilo telling Stitch about her parents and the significance of the Ugly Duckling story). I have two criticisms with the movie, and they are that at times it is a bit slow, and the climax is a tad rushed. But both flaws are redeemed by the film's good nature, emotional heart and spirit. I will award Lilo and Stitch an 8/10, for entertainment and warmth. Bethany Cox

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