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Living Is Easy with Eyes Closed

2013 [SPANISH]

Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ma-cortes7 / 10

Based on real deeds , this is a comedy road movie about an English teacher obsessed with the Beatles

Entertaining and fun movie filled with interesting characters , humor , drama and good feeling . Living Is Easy With Your Eyes Closed (Vivir Es Fácil Con Los Ojos Cerrados) was the big winner at the 28th Goya Awards ceremony, landing the Spanish Film Academy's two top prizes -- best film and best director - . It is inspired by actual events in 1966, it's a comedy road movie about an English teacher (Javier Camera) obsessed with the Beatles . As he motivated his students using Beatles music . He hears that John Lennon is in Spain and he then decides to go to Almeria . Along the way , Antonio picks up two runaways passengers , a teenager (Francesc Colomer) and a pregnant girl (Natalia De Molina) . As in Almeria is John Lennon acting in the comedy How I Won The War . They were looking for John Lennon and they found themselves .

This is a marvelous ode to adolescence plenty of innocence , friendship , cooperation , curiosity and comradeship . The movie title, Living is Easy With Eyes Closed, comes from a line in Lennon's song Strawberry Fields Forever which he wrote while filming How I Won the War in Almeria . Director David Trueba shows these important and universal values through adolescents's minds . It is a notorious picture of great educational content , including an enjoyable , attractive message and amusing and fun scenes . Spanish cinema has a great ability in dealing with films about teenagers as well as adults , with interesting and thought-provoking messages that are a clear example of an allegory of notorious values such as friendship , honor , collaboration and love . "Vivir Es Facil con Ojos Cerrados " is a song and an allegory to teens , where curiosity and innocence are the most characteristic attributes having adolescents as well as adults well represented by Javier Camera . We do see the world we know each and every one of us, but from his innocent look , with much more easygoing . That's where all the power comes from this movie, because of their three protagonists with a greater sense of loyalty , confidence , fidelity and honor which is contemplated in the touching relationships . ¨Living Is Easy With Your Eyes Closed " is a splendid ode to adolescence , a nostalgic trip to the past in which we become teens an hour and a half , where everything was discovered , in which an adventurous trip emerges serious things . It's a teen's movie but its strength lies in its universal character , not a story just for adolescents , it's for everyone . Fabulous acting by Javier Camera as Antonio, an English teacher who drives to Almeria in hopes of meeting his hero, John Lennon and on rout picks up two young passengers . Javier steals the show as sympathetic bachelor who has an adolescent thought . This entertaining film displays a colorful as well as evocative cinematography by Daniel Vilar . In addition , a sensitive and rousing musical score by Pat Metheny , including wonderful songs .

The motion picture was compellingly directed by David Trueba, getting a considerable hit smash . Six Goyas landed in the laps of director David Trueba , as he film won best picture, director, screenplay, actor, new actor, and soundtrack . David Trueba was born (1969) in Madrid, Spain . Married to Ariadna Gil (who here plays as mother) , though nowadays separated and he is younger brother of Fernando Trueba and brother-in-law of Cristina Huete who along with Andres Vicente Gomez produced a lot of films . David is a nice writer such as ¨The girl of your eyes¨ Perdita Durango (1997). Known for comedies such as ¨The good life¨ , ¨Masterpiece¨ , ¨Madrid 1987¨ , ¨Welcome home¨ and of course "Living Is Easy with Eyes Closed". Rating : Better than average. Well worth watching .

Reviewed by howard.schumann10 / 10

Touches deep human emotions

After fifty years, it is still difficult to assess the full effect the Beatles have had on our culture. Even with the emergence of truth-tellers such as Bob Dylan in the early 60s, the full flowering of independent thinkers and irreverent behavior was not fully realized until the Beatles arrived to help make it a permanent transformation. While the impact of the Beatles was greatest in the U.S. and Britain, the sense of being a part of a new community was felt even in totalitarian regimes where the hippie look and the Beatle-style longhair among teens became a reason for a resurgence of hope even when accompanied by establishment panic.

The subject is explored with confidence in writer/director David Trueba's (Soldiers of Salamina) Living is Easy with Eyes Closed, winner of six Goya Awards, the Spanish equivalent of the Oscars. Inspired by a real incident, the title of the comedy/drama mirrors the first line of the Beatles song Strawberry Fields Forever whose lyrics signal attention to the growing use of psychedelics. Set in Spain in 1966 during the last years of the oppressive Franco regime, Antonio, played by veteran actor Javier Cámera (I'm So Excited),is a single and somewhat lonely English teacher who is a devoted Beatles fan and uses their lyrics as a teaching tool.

When he hears that the famous Beatle John Lennon is filming Richard Lester's How I Won the War in the south of Spain, he decides to take some time off and drive down to Almeria with the hopes of meeting John and asking him to include his song lyrics in future albums. Along the way, Antonio picks up two young hitchhikers, both on the run from unpleasant situations at home, Belén (Natalia de Molina) a three-month pregnant 20-year-old leaving the nunnery where she was sent by her mother, and Juanjo (Francesc Colomer, Barcelona Summer Night),a 16-year-old boy (oddly a Rolling Stones fan) who has run away from his abusive father after an argument over his Beatles-style haircut.

Although there is some initial uneasiness, Antonio's friendly, talkative nature allows them to relax and feel comfortable. Once in Almeria, the trio bond in a local farmhouse and the more experienced Belén has much to teach her new young friend. Though the film abounds with warmth and humor, especially when Antonio attempts to fulfill his dream of meeting John, there are some dark moments as well. A local bully, who may or may not be a stand-in for the Franco regime, messes up Juanjo's thick mop of hair and worse but the bully's strawberry fields will not last forever.

Beautifully photographed by Daniel Vilar (The Artist and the Model) and buoyed by authentic performances from the entire cast, Living is Easy with Eyes Closed touches deep human emotions. Though the coming of age theme is fairly common in world cinema, rarely has it been done with such tenderness and intelligence, and its message of standing up to fear even though you may look foolish in the process is an important one. When Antonio tells his young friends that, "you can't live in fear. Too many people in Spain live in fear," it's a comment with multiple undertones. Living may be easier with your eyes closed, but it is much more satisfying when they are open.

Reviewed by MikeyB17938 / 10


This is a wonderful film, albeit on the slow side with no histrionics, with three different characters all trying to find their pathway in life.

It's a road movie about a middle-age teacher and two much younger adults. The character interactions are fascinating and simply grow on you as the film develops. We come too feel for each of them. This is very character driven film with a slow intensity. The Spanish landscape is arid and serves to reinforce the struggle they are undergoing. At the end we sense a resolution to their journey and a sense of fulfillment. The human aspect is highly developed with a strong emotional pull throughout.

For John Lennon and Beatle fans there is only a slight appearance of John towards the finale.

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