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Lôi Báo


Action / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Reviewed by phanthinga6 / 10

The first Vietnamese superhero movie

Technically Lôi Báo is Vietnam movie industry second attempt at the superhero genre after the horrendous that is Super X in 2015 and I give big credit to the director Victor Vu for his bravery cause despite all the flaws I'm about to list Loi Bao is a proper superhero movie when it nails all basic aspects of the genre.An ill fated comic book artist "Tam" got a major life change after a head transplant surgery by Uncle "Ma" a friend of his family turn him into what he always wanted a superhero while people who know the true identity of his new found body start to show up and put his life and his family on the verge of danger. What I hate the most about Loi Bao is not the wooden acting from the characters or the mellow drama that make me chuckle more than sad cause those are unavoidable elements when it come to not Vietnam but Asian cinema in general but the so called "Superpower" of Lôi Báo .I know that hand to hand combat and parkour can be achieved through hard work but the movie don't even bother to explain why sometime he can do incredible stuff like lifting way too heavy objects and dodging bullets when his new body still belong to a normal human being.The ending set up for a sequel that I'm totally down for cause a superhero need a supervillain if only they got a better script next time

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