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Love in Zion National: A National Park Romance



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by elizabethjeanhampton1 / 10

Complete Nonsense - Historically Inaccurate

The Ancestral Puebloans, also known as the Anasazi, were an ancient Native American culture that lived in the present-day Four Corners region of the United States, comprising southeastern Utah, northeastern Arizona, northwestern New Mexico, and southwestern Colorado. They appeared in the area around 1250 AD but left after a generation. So why is Hallmark talking about present day Anasazi Elders in this movie when that tribe left the Zion area about 700 years ago. Why on earth wouldn't Hallmark tell a love story with factually correct history versus a ridiculous love story talking about the Anasazi tribe like they were present day Native Americans.

Reviewed by VetteRanger2 / 10

If you're going to do history, don't screw it up ...

These writers frequently mention the Anasazi ... referring to them as a current Native American tribe. If you're going to pick the name of a Native American tribe out of the hat, don't you think it would be a good idea to spend at least three minutes in research?

If they HAD, they'd have discovered the Anasazi were an ancient tribe and they would not have called themselves the Anasazi. That was a name assigned to them by later tribes who settled the area and came across the relics of the Anasazi civilization.

The Anasazi themselves completely disappeared circa 1000 years ago. So the park ranger character here would NOT be a member of the Anasazi tribe. The so-called Anasazi "vases" (obviously actually urns) would not be the rightful property of such a tribe since they have not existed in 1000 years.

Even though it's theorized that the Hopi and Pueblo might be some sort of descendants of some elements of the Anasazi, even that is only conjecture with no direct evidence.

How do I know about this? I wrote a flash fiction about the Anasazi a couple of years ago, and even to write 650 words, I spent a considerable time doing MY homework so I wouldn't butcher the subject as this movie does.

Outside of that, the writers even blew the legal side of contesting a will, lots of dialogue is just off, and the female lead's acting was unconvincing to me. Perky is no substitute for professional. The male lead was a bit wooden.

I gave an extra star for the scenery, otherwise I consider this film an utter failure.

Reviewed by ladycatherine-043372 / 10


Let me tell you the problem I have with this particular movie. The guy on the helicopter got permission to do a flyover for photography. They illegally landed. They illegally excavated without a permit. Then they illegally removed it from the park and the tribal people. So, you use the satellite phone, call ahead have the federal government meet them when they land and seize the property that belongs to the tribe.

I honestly don't expect much from these Hallmark movies. Or, movies from other channels like them. However, I really expected them to have at least a better train of thought than this. Very simple way to finish it. Still could've got another half hour into the movie. Things like this just anger me.

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