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Love, Lizzo


Biography / Documentary / Music

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled40%
IMDb Rating6.810449

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Fargo10 / 10


This slick, though candid and self-aware, production of the rise of a manifestly talented woman to "super" stardom, is generous with home footage as well as documentary and musical performances. Her childhood is presented so well with the struggles of a body-type to overcome societal mocking and the damage that should have dimmed her charm and talent. It's a great movie for parents to show their children who may be struggling with similar issues. As well, it's a familiar story of the difficulty in rising through the ranks of those who "make it" and those who give up on having a career in the music industry.

Some of the more vulnerable personal relationships that everyone has are included. But the charm of the subject of this documentary invites everyone to get over themselves and not be boxed in by societal norms. It's in the faces of Lizzo's audiences that we see her success: from concerts or award competions everyone is touched by this woman's accomplishments and talent and by cheering her on, they're also cheering themselves on their own journey.

Reviewed by thelotusgoddess5 / 10

I thought I was going to LOVE this...

Lizzo superfan here. VERY disappointing. Clearly, Lizzo had no creative input in the outcome. She's not even listed as an EP on her own "documentary". It was part Lizzo's past, part album, part inclusive messaging, but not enough of any of these. I actually signed up for HBOMax just to watch this. IMO, this was put together hastily to pump up sales for her new album for the holidays. Yes, I'm that jaded, and I feel like a sucker for watching this 90 minute disservice to this insanely talented, gorgeous, powerful woman and her beautifully inclusive message. Epic fail for the EPs & the director.

Reviewed by michelle-rosenthal5 / 10

This doc does Lizzo a disservice

I like Lizzo. I enjoy her music and I am here for her infectious optimism and dedication to inclusion and body positivity.

I enjoyed her Big Grrrls documentary on Amazon. We got to see Lizzo the professional. In her Amazon documentary she said Lizzo was a nickname game of taking the last 5 letters of your last name and adding an O.

In her HBO documentary she said it was an insult of being "fat" and "black". I tend to believe the first story and it was disappointing to hear the second one because it seems produced and disingenuous.

This documentary seemed to focus on sadness and defeat.

The people who love Lizzo already love her. She does not need to lean into her history of being bullied at every turn. We already know this about her, show us how she is a tenacious survivor.

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