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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by solomiracles10 / 10

Heartfelt and hilarious. One of the most underrated movies on the last decade

This movie is SO funny. If you've ever been particularly taken with the idea of novelty items -- from the Slinky to the Pet Rock -- and how these are created and marketed, then MADE IN CHINA may be the film for you. It follows a self-styled "novelty inventor" who travels to Shanghai to bring his "humorous domestic hygiene product" to the Asian masses. The production was shot on the fly, in China, without official permission from the Chinese government, which alone should've stirred up more headlines and interest for this film upon it's release. But the real story here is how funny this movie is. It hits you with jokes when you lest expect them, and all of them are character and story oriented jokes. Not just jokes for jokes sake. I hope more people discover this movie. It's become on of my all time favorites

Reviewed by thepartydjz1 / 10


Rarely does a film make me so angry that I want to punch out the main character and the writers. This film is not in the least bit funny. If anything it makes you very inpatient to find out what this novelty invention is, and when you do find out you want your time and money back.

Stupid, pretentious and a total waste of time.

IMDb requires 10 lines for submission of a review, I can't say anything more about this piece of complete trash. If you value your time stay away from this garbage or it might end up sending you into a fit of rage.

Reviewed by solonche-637-15370610 / 10

I'm still laughing

Best one joke movie ever. PS. You can buy one them on line.

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