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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tonywohlfarth2 / 10

Maidan is not The Square

The Maidan is the most significant development in recent Ukrainian political history. A popular uprising overthrew a pro-Soviet dictator and promised democratic change. So a film of the same name, premiering at Cannes, arrived at the Toronto International Film Festival with much anticipation. Unfortunately, Maidan the film is a big disappointment: - the director provides no introductory perspective about the issue, the history of Ukrainian-Russian relations, nor the Orange Revolution; - the director's camera work takes long panning shots of the Maidan, again without any context or explanation; - the only comments in the first hour of the film consist of rhetorical speeches delivered in the square, without any attribution; The absence of any commentary leaves gaping holes in what should be a compelling story. The Maidan uprising is known to include fascist elements, Tymeshenko veterans, and a wide variety of extremists. None of these elements are explained in the film. Instead, what we get is running commentaries about volunteer assignments, cooks and activities of daily living. I went to see the Maidan to learn more about this historic event, and sadly, I came away knowing no more than I did before seeing the film. Maidan is not the Ukrainian equivalent of "The Square" and a big disappointment.

Reviewed by newz-75-670482 / 10

Making history dull and unfathomable

The professional reviewers find a lot of nice things to say about Maidan. What they don't tell you is how dull it is to watch. I went hoping to learn more about a contentious and important historic event and learnt only that its possible to make a film in which the makers don't edit out the bits where people wander into shot with their backs turned to the camera. I went with someone not knowledgeable about the events and they were bored and irritated by the absence of context. On the upside, i may now know the words to the ukrainian national anthem, which we are treated to no less than 3 times in full. Sorry. Maidan is a lost opportunity to this ordinary viewer's eyes.

Reviewed by nikgem9 / 10

superb and honest

the last reviewer somewhat misses the point - history happens in real time and not in film time. Therefore, a brave documentary film maker who has come along with an honest and thoughtful film of the gradual events that took place in Kiev should be applauded for NOT rushing to over edit and make the events fit the way that . This is a smouldering view of history that leads the viewer across the optimism of political protest through to the blunting of a crushed national moment. The singing and re-singing of the national anthem is caught beautifully and helps explain the motivation and passion of the protesters. Ultimately, the power of this film is that it shows what a revolution or at least attempted revolution looks like from the inside. We do not have this for 1789 or 1917 but we have a bit of it now for Kiev.

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