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Mama's Affair

2022 [CN]

Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cindylo-6508310 / 10

A warm and touching movie worth to watch it with family

The director Pang Picked the superstars as the main actors, but they really could perform the role as the director designed. The most impressed is Mei Fung express her thought to Fong Ching in the Kitchen. I can't hold my tear in this part.

Each roles have been designed in details, each actors perform well in their feet!

Reviewed by carmenwong-7419010 / 10

Movie that you can't miss!!!!

The movie describes complicated interpersonal relationship very well. All characters look well on the surface, like Mei Fung is a full time mom with a academically excellent son, typical happy family; yet no one understand her loneliness from husband's affair, distance from the son~ Fong Ching's appearance unveils all these difficult situations and force everyone within to face their own problems!

Miss mo acts very well as usual; out of surprise, the 2 new actors, Keung To & Jer Lau perform quite well. I am especially love Fong Ching (keung To),he has to struggle between his past and reality to become a superstar. His facial expression and eyesight convincely tells his transformation. And, of course, his charisma on stage that cannot resist!

Reviewed by kounma10 / 10

Want to see it again!

Saw the movie during the New York Asian film festival. The plot is pretty straightforward but it offers a theme that everyone can relate to. Given the relatively simple plot, I was actually amazed that I wasn't asking myself "what's for dinner" or "when's it going to end" half way through because that's what I was thinking last time when I watched a 120-mins movie. The pace of the story felt right and the two hours actually went by quick. The story has light humor but it also touches you that you may laugh and cry with the characters.

I very much enjoyed the visual. The use of the camera angles and the color contrast set the right mood for the story and many of the scenes simply were stunning. Lastly, what I enjoyed the most are the OST, most of the songs were sung by Keung To, and I may be biased as I love his vocals (since that's how I became a fan),but the song choices were great and helped set the mood.

Teresa Mo is a veteran and she never disappoints, I just love her. This is the first film for both Keung To and Jer Lau, while nothing groundbreaking, they were natural and did great as newbies. All the actors and actresses were good and the credits go to director Kearen Pang. I'm no judge of someone's acting skills, but no one seemed out of place or had me wondering what their facial expressions or body languages mean.

The story itself is simple but it resonates well and is multifaceted. However, what makes it worth going to the theater is the visuals and the OST. I generally don't go to the cinema for dramas because I don't find it worthwhile without all the visual and sound effects that a sci-fi movie or animation could offer. I'd recommend it to everyone. Go see with your own eyes how charming Keung To is! Or not...come judge on your own! Recommend it to everyone who would enjoy a light-hearted drama with awesome visuals and great music!

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