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2016 [SPANISH]

Comedy / Drama

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Pablo Derqui Photo
Pablo Derqui as Jorge
Bárbara Lennie Photo
Bárbara Lennie as María
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by charosanchez7 / 10

A generational tale

The characters are well developed, they tell the story of changes in Spain's roles and culture. The caretaker, Maria, so entangled in this role, that she neglects to live her own life and dreams. An unexpected event makes her rush into her own chaos.

Reviewed by nairtejas7 / 10

EUFF Review: Maria (And Everybody Else) (7 Stars)

Watching Maria (And Everybody Else),wondering how Barbara Lennie could pull off such a performance, laughing-crying at the proceedings - everything made me feel like I was experiencing a life of my own life. Of course, the story of Maria (Lennie) who is having a mid-life crisis thanks to how her life has turned out because she had to take care of her widower father is not unique but it is the little things that make this comedy drama poignant. There'a a scene in the middle where Maria celebrates a little joy (a text reply from her boyfriend) by going overjoyous at another event (her friend's art exhibition). It's a classic take on how human emotions work and for that alone I am willing to give Maria (And Everybody Else) another watch. Splendid. TN.

(Watched and reviewed at the 24th European Union Film Festival (EUFF India) at Mumbai.)

Reviewed by benjamingrullo7 / 10

Great opportunity missed

The movie almost looks like a good french movie, some scenes reminded me to Rohmer or Ozon, especially the beach scene to "Sous le sable". But – spoilers ahead- the movie doesn't have an end, and it's a real pity. The main character is so well constructed, so real and lovable that everyone can identify with... María has inner conflicts for everybody.

They had it all. Everything in the movie sounds real, emotionally subtle, funny, sad, and some times even dark, but it just lacks character development and a little plot to cause it. It's almost like a first act movie. A great realistic inciting incident, a father re-marrying, but it's treated as a plot point, and it's not.

What a pity, what a wonderful material. A great opportunity missed and an artist, Nely Reguera, i will follow from now on.

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