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Mom + Mom

2018 [ITALIAN]

Biography / Comedy / Romance

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Reviewed by dbowkerD10 / 10

Beautiful, impressionistic film about the desire to create a child together

Correction to a previous review that states the two women's friend/roomate (Marco I believe) was one of their exes. NOT CORRECT and the viewer clearly mis-read the situation as depicted. He was just an old friend and neither of their lovers.


This film (Italian with English subtitles) is beautifully told as a series of impressionistic vignettes, often like moments in a dream or a memory, of two Italian women (in a lesbian relationship) who want to have a child together. The story is linear, but the storytelling is more the way you might recall a series of memories. There are times when dialogue is heard as a kind of echo after the words are spoken (not all of the time, but for key moments). Both the music and cinematography are well done, and neither get in the way of telling the story.

Thus, what we see is a subjective point of view from the film maker's own experience, with Linda Caridi's character "Karole" named after writer/director Karole Di Tommaso. There are several side characters, both family and friends, some as comic relief, some as insight into where they are coming from. In a sense the story is very straight forward. In Italy at the time (maybe still) it wasn't possible for a lesbian couple to get artificial insemination and so they have to travel to Spain for the medical procedures (which are costly of course). Like many couples looking for this option, it's far from a simple or guaranteed procedure...

How their journey plays out is the central arc of the film and thus is largely emotional (even though there are many practical hurdles to overcome). In that sense, the story is indeed a simple one, which might disappoint some viewers in that it lacks requisite "big ideas" or a more dramatic conflict. However, for me the strength of the film is less the ideas than the honesty and "realness" of the characters, which taken in total is nothing short of beautiful.

More than anything I appreciate how natural and unforced the acting is between the main characters of Karole and her partner Ali (Maria Roveran). Their relationship feels realistic and messy in a healthy way (read not dysfunctional) without a lot of theatrical monologues or exposition. Both actresses are outstanding, but it was Linda Caridi (who also has the most screen time) that truly anchors the film. For much of the time we experience her journey more from her expressions or through eyes than by dialogue. It would have been easy to "over act" the part, but she doesn't, and it feels completely organic.

It's too bad that this film hasn't gotten more positive recognition, but that doesn't mean it's not wonderful.

Reviewed by pikachu10604 / 10

Good if not for one really annoying thing

I would have enjoyed this movie if the ex-boyfriend hadn't been in the picture. Couldn't stand that Incredibly annoying character and it gave me the feeling that the relationship between the two wannabe moms wasn't real (otherwise, the ex would have been out of the picture).

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